There's A Bug In The Tub

by A. Moon-Meyer



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 24/04/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 40
ISBN : 9781469153049

About the Book

‘There‛s A Bug in the Tub‛ is a story which allows children to explore a situation with feelings that they can personally relate to. All Children share a common thread of uncertainties, fear of the UNKNOWN. Children need to feel safe. Characters like Mikey and his Mom show that there are acceptable ways to deal with such fears. By her actions in dealing with the bug Mikey’s mom’ s trait of courage overides the fear. And she is capable of completing the task in a healthy manner. Afterall, even the Bug turns out a cool dude of a bug! Stories such as, ‘There‛s A Bug in the Tub‛ provides therapeutic benefits and positive solutions to every day problems.

About the Author

My Story telling days began soon as I became aware of a "captive" audience. Oh, what joy, people wanting to know what happened, then next and so on. Stories flowed from my lips with delight! On one occassion while in pre-school (before I could write) my teacher asked each of us what we did over the past weekend of course my hand shot up first, wiggling and swiggling me, me, me, me! She called on me... again. Then, later that evening my parents informed me that my teacher had called to find out how they were doing after that awful animal breakout at the zoo. She asked them about the terrible tiger attack on a lady and the lion that chased me...oops. And that was before I could write. At the age of 12. I wrote my very first novel. It was over 389 pages. Just not typed pages. Then one day tragedy struck I had kept my mauscript pages in a paper bag. Over teh course of 2 years that is where it was kept as well as in my closed of my bedroom. Safe or so it see med. Then my fatter announced we were moving. So the packing up, began. My father was throwing away all he could. And my manuscript fell into that category somehow. Sad as I was it did not stop me farm ink & paper. I wrote poetry, stage plays, fantasy, drama news, freelance articles, social assesements, research, human cause ( many of which The Mikey & friends deal with and trumph) I have an extended background in the many levels of community services, especially, social services, child abuse advocate, providing safe, secure, secure environment where children can thrive, feel loved. Another important way I provided the stories such like "There's a bug in the bug, was due to the therapeutic benefits. I had been asked time and again by children under 10 to read my stories. Including my son. Growing up with just one parent may be common but it does not mean well. Made Nor Ideal. Therefore, just another form of encouragement. INSERT HERE My Children's stories always provide solutions to every day situations deemed stressful or uncertain. Readers are left with more than just a sigh of relief each and every time it's read those uncertain, stressful situations which he/she may be relating to in real life and therefore, giving the child a sense of hope generally. They learn that they do not have to worry over things and occurences that are the responsability of their parent(s) or caregivers, escpecially when adults are openly speaking of issues. There's a Bug In The Tub story allows children to explore a situation with feelings they can relate to because it is the feelings themselvs which can block or shut down from scary, unfamiliar, and uncertain situation. Mike witnesses his mother's kidness, here, gently handling of waht to Mikey is huge and scary. Her example gives him a possitive even peaceful response, he dosent have to be afraid, or at least he dosent have to act afraid because his mom does not. The emphasis on getting his bubble ath is even more realized at the posssiblity of not. It is clear that bathime is an important part of Mickey's day. It is his expected activity before going to bed. "Bedtime Rituals" are a healthy part of and end of the day. This, too, gives children a sense of security, a sense of order and a sens of trust and especially a sense of family love. (Insert) All Children share a common thread of uncertainties, fear of the UNKNOWN, children need to feel safe. Characters like Mikey and his Mom show there are acceptable ways to deal with such fears. Even the Bug turns out a cool dude of a bug! I was born in Long Beach, California raised in Oregon State with my four siblings. One year we all decided to relocate to Beautiful Hawaii all my siblings and their families and our parents. That was over 20 Years ago. Today, however, some of us have relocated again. Now I live in the State of Georgia along my son, Michael Jon. Having graduate from Eastern Oregon University. I received a Bahcerlos Degree in Socialology and Anthropology. My empahasis was in Social Work and Child Development. During that time I occasionally submitted freelance articles to the City Newspaper. I was also an advocate for the care an well-being of children, developing programs geared to community awareness and support, and implementing child abuse prevention programs.