Equalities Solutions Business Model Social Care Guide

How to Set Up a Social Justice Agency in Your Local Community

by Leon Lowe



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Language : English
Publication Date : 16/02/2016

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 54
ISBN : 9781514465011
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 54
ISBN : 9781514465028

About the Book

The sole purpose of this book is to promote community cohesion and equilibrium. This book explores how community leaders with minor qualifications can utilise their personal ambitions to help the local community as well as provide a decent lifestyle for themselves and their family. In this guidebook, we will look at several key components of social care. The first is the overview, a review of community issues. The second is social reform, a step-by-step guide of what it takes to form and contract issues of crime and indecency in local areas. The third is social justice, the pros and cons of community tensions and how they can be resolved. The fourth is community rehabilitation, how to collect wage and pay those who are deserving of help and reward. The fifth is an action plan of how when, where, and why justice needs to be pursued. The sixth is guidance counselling. Guidance counselling can come in the form of seminars, school visits, and also surgery meetings with a social worker in the local community. The seventh is a project plan. Much like a business plan, a project plan is the map to achieving social cohesion. The eighth is a task criteria list, which can be used as a contract to employ employees and detail the workings and goings-on in the office. The ninth is government endorsement, a step-by-step guide of what you must do to receive and resource grants, funds, aids, and even communal acceptance from the local and even national government. The tenth is an evaluation of all your company stands for. This evaluation can help provide you with positive advertising to help get your company going in the right direction. The final is a summation of all, everything to do with your company.

About the Author

I originally came from Leyton in East London, where the streets are somewhat deprived of justice. I moved away when I was fourteen but never forgot where I came from. However, when I did live in London, I used to be an MC. My rap style was Justice, and in some parts of this justice story, you will see I have incorporated this savvy into the dialogue. Social Justice is my best work to date, with an edgy sarcasm and spontaneous anecdotes from beginning to the end. The first thing I did before I started writing Justice Duty was to meditate and reflect on what people would actually like to view from an ethnic urban point of view, stereotypes and generalisations aside. I thought to myself that it will have to be ethical with characters that convey moralistic (refined) lifestyles in general, a story which shows off community values. And that’s just one aspect of justice. The word Justice in the title has the most ethical connotations.