Your Publishing Journey

The road to a published book is not without its own challenges and other obstacles. The great thing about supported self-publishing is that we’re here to be your guide every step of the way. To give you an idea of what awaits you, we’ve outlined the supported self-publishing path for you, patterned after the hero’s journey—a narrative template used by many fiction writers.

A Hero's Journey: The Supported Self-Publishing Process

Evaluating Your Writing Goals
The Ordinary World

You’re a writer with an idea, story, or even a manuscript, living your life and facing day-to-day challenges. You’ve always wanted to publish your work, but you’re not quite sure how to go about achieving that goal.

Exploring Your Options
The Call to Adventure

Your dreams are calling you, but there are still a lot of things you have to consider. You learn about the different paths to getting published, including supported self-publishing and how it has helped other aspiring authors.

Fearing the Unknown
Refusal of the Call

You have your doubts about the publishing options available to you, especially because you don’t have enough information yet. You decide to hold off on your publishing dreams for now, at least not until you know more.

Consulting with an Expert
Meeting with the Mentor

A publishing consultant gets in touch with you, telling you the benefits of supported self-publishing and presenting you with viable options. The consultant has pretty much laid down everything for you, and you realize it might work. You reconsider.

Starting Your Journey
Crossing the Threshold

Your passion overcomes your inhibitions. You say yes to self-publishing your book. You finish writing, if you haven’t already. You submit your manuscript and other materials. This is the first step you take toward becoming the author you want and deserve to be.

Encountering Obstacles
Test, Allies, and Enemies

You encounter speed bumps and detours: lack of motivation, a general sense of “this isn’t going anywhere.” Don’t worry—they’re all part of your publishing journey.

Meeting Your Publishing Team

As you progress through each stage of the process, you talk to your publishing team—people who coordinate with you and guide you throughout your journey. Behind the scenes, another team of professionals work hard to bring your story to life.

Encountering More Obstacles
The Ordeal

Here at Xlibris, you can publish at a pace you’re comfortable with. But to achieve your goal, you will probably face challenges as you go along. There might even be moments of doubts. And we’ll continue to guide you and assist you every step of the way.

Seeing Your Book Take Form
The Reward

You finally receive the galley for your book. Your story has materialised! You don’t think it’s fully polished yet, but the story and form are already intact.

Editing, Changing, Improving
The Road Back

You submit your edits, if any, and hope for the best. This time around, you are genuinely excited. You know you’ll soon become a published author!

Turning Tasks into Opportunities
The Resurrection

You realize you still have a lot more work to do—marketing your book and getting the word out. You are a little overwhelmed, but you trust that your team will continue to offer help and guidance.

Receiving Your Published Book
Return with the Elixir

You are finally holding your published book—the product of your passion, talent, and dedication. Congratulations, your book is ready for the world!

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