Because it’s all about you, the author, Xlibris is behind you every step of the self-publishing process—from realizing your writing goal to celebrating your achievements. We have witnessed many of our authors celebrate milestones of all sorts: finishing their manuscripts, getting the first printed copy of their book, earning literary acclaim, and getting picked up by traditional publishers. Explore all these author-centered resources to fire up your creative muse, start your self-publishing route, or enrich your writing journey.

Five Tips To Help You Get Your Manuscript Finished

Don't stare at that dreaded blinking cursor on a white page ever again. Or at least prevent excessive staring with these easy and simple ways to finish your manuscript. Don't let an unfinished manuscript stop you from reaching your publishing dreams.

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Four Common Self Publishing Roadblocks

Self-publishing a book can be a daunting task. Just the process of writing a book is a massive undertaking by itself and then comes publishing. Seems like a lot more work, right? Roadblocks can be encountered but in the end you can always get through to the other side and then it's a smooth ride from there.

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The Publishing Process

You have what it takes to self-publish a book. The steps to get there are faster and easier than you might think.

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Your Publishing Journey

Knowing the supported self-publishing process from start to finish is critical. Even better, is knowing all the challenges and obstacles you may meet along the way. Xlibris has helped guide authors through their paths and we have learned something new from each one.

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How Xlibris NZ Books Are Made

From words on paper to a printed book, the process is really interesting. Authors take the lead and Xlibris cheers them on all the way to the finish line with their finished book in hand.

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The Beginner's Guide to DIY Publishing vs Self-Publishing

Non-traditional publishing has become an increasingly popular option for authors looking to share their work with the world. However, getting started can be overwhelming, especially for beginners.

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How To Get Published

Publishing is a journey with some challenges along the way but in the end it's a learning experience for any author. Arriving upon your destination of your publishing journey, you'll feel proud and accomplished on becoming a published author with something to show for it.

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Supported Self-Publishing 101

Xlibris's purpose is to help authors reach their publishing goals and be their biggest support system throughout the self-publishing experience. If you have the motivation we're ready to coach you through the entire process.

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Tips for Aspiring Authors

Sometimes it takes a look at the experienced to motivate you to write your heart out. Here are some aspiring messages from some of the best self-published authors in history. Who knows, you could be one of them someday.

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4 Things You’ll Like About Self-Publishing

Publishing a book used to be hard. But not anymore. Supported self-publishing is one of the best options out there today. Here are four reasons to prove it.

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Self-Publishing Pitfalls to Avoid

Self-publishing can be a rewarding experience, but it’s not without its challenges. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some common self-publishing mistakes and how to avoid them.

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