Computer Generated Keyword Indexing - Custom Quote

$1.00 per Item

Creating a high-quality index is essential if you're writing a nonfiction book. Not only does it make your work easier to navigate, but it also makes it more appealing to readers and professionals within the publishing industry:

  • Book buyers, librarians, researchers, and academics frequently purchase books based on the quality and usability of the index.
  • Books with a well-made index are more likely to be recommended by reviewers. On the other hand, books lacking an index or with a poorly made one are likely to receive negative reviews.
  • Many librarians will not purchase a book without an index.

Computer-Generated Keyword Index (Concordance)

  • A computer-generated keyword index lists a page number for a key term each time it occurs in the book.

Please note:a concordance-type index has no logical organization other than alphabetization, and only exact word matches can be indexed using the approach.

What You Need to Know

Timing for this service depends on our work queue and the complexity of your work. The cost will vary depending on the complexity of your work as well.