Black and White Specialty Packages

Xlibris' Specialty Publishing Packages are designed for writers who are after a book publishing service specific to their genre. Here at Xlibris, we understand that each kind of book has its own unique needs, and want to make sure that your book publishing experience is bespoken and the best possible fit to your publishing dream.

Choose the specialty publishing package that best describes your genre, and you can choose to publish your work in classic black & white, or dazzling full-colour.

Publishing a book has never been more rewarding than with Xlibris' bespoke specialty publishing packages.

Black & White Christian Novice

The Black and White Christian Novice package helps you make your book a vessel of your message to the world. Turn your publishing goals into reality and promote your work to Christian communities with a Church Bulletin Template and a press release sent to 50 Christian media outlets.

Black & White Christian Superior

Let the Black and White Christian Superior package encapsulate your ideas and turn them into a written testament of your literary voice to the Christian world. Get all the publishing tools you need, plus a superior marketing boost with a feature on our BookMad magazine app, 5,000 banner ad impressions on the Christian Post website, and a press release sent to 300 Christian media outlets.

Black & White Poetry Classique

Poetry is an art without restrictions, and we understand that it requires creative freedom to fully express yourself. With the Black and White Poetry Classique package, take the artistic reins over your literary work with full control over cover and interior design.

Black & White Poetry Superieur

Whether you want to publish a haiku, limerick, sonnet, or cinquain, the Black and White Poetry Superieur package offers all the necessary tools you need—and more. Enjoy full creative rein over your work with full customisation and see your verses the way you’ve envisioned them in print.

Romance Debut

Love is a universal and timeless theme in real life or fiction – whether destined, condemned, requited, or unrequited. It is no surprise that romance novels have a huge following among readers. Romance fiction reportedly generated an estimated annual total sales of $1.4 billion in 2014.

Xlibris invites you to tap into your creative imagination and possibly profit from the top-selling genre through the Romance Publishing Package. Whatever sub-genre of romance fiction you have in mind, Xlibris will help you sweep readers off their feet with comprehensive publishing packages to match your needs.

Sci Fi Trilogy

Let Xlibris take your book into another dimension with the Sci-Fi Trilogy package, packed with all the features you need to publish and distribute your epic tale, plus targeted marketing services to enable you to reach readers interested in the science fiction genre. When you want to write an entire series, Trilogy Publishing with Xlibris is the best way to get your sci-fi novels published.