Full Colour Specialty Packages

Children's Ballad

Let a child’s imagination fly with your tales of swashbuckling pirates or whimsical fairies. Whatever the story you wish to share, the Children’s Ballad package turns your ideas into magical moments that children the world over can savor for a lifetime.

Children's Dreamtime

The Xlibris Children’s Dreamtime package gives you a blank canvas that you can paint with your enchanting stories and vivid imagination. This includes 20 basic illustrations and up to 50 images to help you create a timeless book adorned with vibrant imagery. Relish the creative freedom this package brings with the custom text and layout formatting service.

Children's Fairytale

Give your young audience a story to remember with the Children’s Fairytale package. Packed with all the necessary tools you need to publish, design, and market your book, this service lets you enjoy spellbinding features such as 50 basic illustrations, up to 100 images, and custom text and layout formatting, as well as geo-specific marketing services from Books+Publishing.

Full Colour Christian Novice

Empower your book to be the vessel of your message to the world—with vivid imagery and in full colour with the Full Colour Christian Novice package. Turn your publishing goals into reality and promote your work to Christian communities with a Church Bulletin Template and a press release sent to 50 Christian media outlets.

Full Colour Christian Superior

Encapsulate your ideas and turn them into a picturesque written testament of your literary voice to the Christian world with the Full Colour Christian Superior package. Get all the publishing tools you need, plus a superior marketing boost with 5,000 banner ad impressions on the Christian Post website and a press release sent to 300 Christian media outlets.

Full Colour Poetry Classique

Fully express yourself and get all the creative freedom you need, as the Full Color Poetry Classique package adds a touch of rich, colorful imagery to your verses. What’s more, take the artistic reins over your literary work with full customization over the text and layout.

Full Colour Poetry Superieur

Bring your verses to life with the Full Color Poetry Superieur package. Get access to all the materials you need to design, print, and market your work to poetry connoisseurs all over the world, plus full artistic and creative freedom with custom text and layouts, as well as up to 100 images.