Books+Publishing Weekly Books Newsletter Shared Premier Banner Ad

As a published author, you'd want readers to know about your book, the testament of your hard work. The question is: where do you announce your book's availability?

With an ad of your book on Books+Publishing's Weekly Book Newsletter (WBN), you can promote your book to the subscribers of this top industry news source in Australia and New Zealand.

What you get with this service:

  • Shared Premier Banner Ad (500 x 150) on the topmost part of Books+Publishing's Weekly Book Newsletter for one week. This ad will redirect to a page featuring your book along with seven other children's book titles
  • The same banner ad will also be on for one week

What is included in the landing page?

  • Book cover image
  • Title
  • Author's name
  • Book description of up to 10 words

About Books+Publishing

Established in 1921, it is Australia's only source of pre-publication reviews for Australian and New Zealand books. It is also considered a primary source of news about the book industry in Australia, featuring interviews, opinion pieces, and more. The website has 71,000 unique monthly visits*. Its Weekly Book Newsletter is emailed to over 8,500 subscribers* every Wednesday and contains the latest industry news, industry notices, and bestseller charts.

*as of 2020