Additional Resources for Submission

Walking Through An Online Submission

Logging in

Click the user icon in the header to log in.

  • If you have already registered, enter your e-mail address and password, then click Log In
  • If you haven’t already registered, click on the Create an Account link to set up your profile.

In order to get complete and accurate information, please create only one account per author using the e-mail you have provided to us.

Starting the submission

To begin the online submission process, click the Submit Materials link under the My Messages heading.

Customer profile

This page will populate with all the information that we currently have on file. Please update it if necessary and press the update button to save it in our system. Once it is correct press Continue to proceed to the next page.

Author biography

At the bottom of the page, you will need to fill in where you want your biography to show. The most common option is to have it on the back cover and Web site.

Key book information

Here, you’ll provide the basic information about your book including Title, Subtitle (if you choose to use one), and Pen Name. The Pen Name is how the Author’s name is listed on the front cover of the book.

Book format

In this step, you’ll select your book’s binding size as well as paper color.

  • Please keep in mind that hardcover books are available in only one size 6” x 9”, so if you have both softcover and hardcover format, you will need to choose 6x9 for both.


Enter the original year of copyright (For new manuscripts, enter the current year).

Front cover idea

Provide us with information about how you want your book cover to look.

Xlibris NZ creates its book covers using a large stock photography library. For instance, if you want a Union Soldier from the Civil War on your cover, we will likely be able to accommodate that request. If you want a Union Soldier with blonde hair, a beard, and a musket on his shoulder, we may struggle to find an appropriate image.

Back cover elements

The About the Book is limited to 200 words. Take a look at some of your favorite books to get some ideas. It is important to input this information carefully because it will appear on your book and will be among the first things a reader sees. This is not a good place for a typo.

Suggestion: Type this text beforehand in a Word document so that you can easily edit the text and run spell check before copying and pasting into this area.

Hardcover book details

If you have a hard cover version with your package, this is where you will let us know what you would like on the back cover of your hard cover version. If you have chosen the dust jacket hard cover option for your hard cover on the Book Format page, please provide us with your text for the Front Flap and Back Flap Text space on your cover as well.

Marketing information

The information that you enter here is just as important as any part of your book. These statements should hook the reader and encourage them to keep reading. The Marketing Headline is a 25-word statement that summarizes your book.

Although it is optional, we recommend that you include a Free Preview for your readers to give them a chance to sample your writing style. Pick a section of your book that is engaging but doesn’t give away the whole plot. This information will be posted on the Xlibris NZ bookstore with your other book information.

Key Search Words help a reader who is interested in the subject matter of your book locate it on the Xlibris NZ bookstore website. It is not necessary to include words from the title or the author name here. Good keywords might include things like time and place (14th Century England) or other elements of the book (dragon, druids, elves).

Audience level and book genre

Please provide us with some general information about your book including Audience Level, or the Target Audience, and Book Genre. The book genre will help group your book with other books on similar topics.

Uploading your manuscript

On this page, you will be submitting your manuscript. You will not be able to move beyond this point to upload other items for your book until you upload your manuscript. Follow the instructions on this page to complete the submission of your manuscript.

When you continue on from this page, the “Submit Materials” link on the Author Center dashboard will close. You can continue on to the next steps during this session but will be unable to access the online submission from the dashboard after you navigate away from the Upload Manuscript page. If you need to provide us with updated information after the “Submit Materials” link is gone, you can e-mail your Check-in-Coordinator and they will take care of it for you.

Manuscript uploaded

Once you have successfully uploaded your manuscript, the name of the file that was uploaded will appear.

Upload book cover images

If you have any images that you want on the front of your book, please upload them here. You can also upload any front cover mock-up ideas that you may have

Upload book interior graphics

Please upload any interior images that you have for your book.

Upload author photograph

If you want to use an author photo, please upload it here. Make sure that it is 300dpi and at least 2x2 in size.

Submission complete