Publishing with Xlibris NZ

Why should I choose Xlibris NZ over other book publishers?

Self-publishing can be a rewarding, but daunting undertaking. At Xlibris NZ you have the freedom to direct your path, but you are not left to figure everything out for yourself. By choosing to publish with Xlibris NZ, you have an entire staff of experienced industry-professionals on your side providing continual support and assistance throughout the entire publishing process.

Xlibris NZ is by far the easiest, fastest and most dynamic publishing experience. Our team of experts will guide you step-by-step through the process until your manuscript is a complete, published book. The steps to publishing through Xlibris NZ are quick and easy. From selecting a package, submitting your materials, approving the formatted interior and cover design, you'll be surprised at how easy self-publishing can be. The flexibility of the design elements, choices and optional additional services offer a dynamic experience that is a perfect fit for many different types of authors. Since we understand the importance of customer support, we also have a support team standing by to lend a hand if you need help during the process.

Xlibris NZ offers a wonderful opportunity to writers and authors who prefer to make their own choices and remain in control of their books. Since you retain ownership of the rights to your published book, you remain in control of the content in your manuscript. Plus, you will reap any financial earnings if you decide to publish with another publisher in the future, sell your manuscript to a movie production company, or if any other opportunities arise.

Once published, your book will be available for purchase through our online bookstore on our website. Plus, you get an ISBN and Channel Distribution which means your book is available to anyone in the Ingram Book Network. Using Print-on-Demand technology, our printer can supply an infinite number of copies of your book. No matter the size of the order, small or large, books are conveniently printed whenever an order is placed, so you never have to deal with up front printing costs or storing books that you don't need.

We have helped serious writers, recreational writers, poets, cooks, parents, artists, business professionals, students and more turn their manuscripts and works into published books. We are confident we can help you, too. We are also confident that you cannot find a better company to publish your book with.