Justice Duty

Book I Innocence Accused

by Andrew Lloydd Dunston



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/27/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 113
ISBN : 9781479700059
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 113
ISBN : 9781479700066

About the Book

Detective Constable Jason Ellis an over achieving police officer who is committed to the force.

Two years after arresting a major thief Chris Williams the master thief is mysteriously let out of prison on parole. Soon Jason is set up for murder and finds himself having to clear his name.

He teams up with an ex-military security guard whose client has been kidnapped. It soon comes to his attention that a major drug deal is going down ironically in his absence.

Now they got to pursue kidnappers, rescue a girl, catch a killer and arrest two drug lords as well as clear his name.

This feature justice duty is a crime thriller, comedy. Set in the inner city of London. Justice duty gives a light-hearted, witty and realistic account of criminal goings on in the capital.

justice duty ticks all the boxes it’s the feature we been waiting for. Not only is the genre a crime thriller (Sub genre, comedy) but also has romantic elements and action elements. This film has something for everyone and can be enjoyed as a timeless classic.

About the Author

My background story: I originally came from Leyton in east London, where the streets are somewhat deprived of justice.

I moved away when I was fourteen but never forgot where I was from. However when I did live in London I used to be an mc my rap style was Justice and in some parts of justice story you will see I have incorporated this savvy into the dialogue.

Justice duty is my best work to date with an edgy sarcasm and spontaneous anecdotes from beginning to the end.

The first thing I did before I started writing Justice duty is meditate and reflect on what people would actually like to view from an ethnic urban point of view. (Stereotypes and generalisations aside)

I thought to myself that it will have to be ethical with characters that convey moralistic (refined) lifestyles in general, a story which shows off community values.

And that’s just one aspect of justice duty.

Originally a crime thriller, comedy I studied over the narrative to introduce a story with touches of romance and flashes of action.

The themes I chose gave inner city life an almost positive perspective. This becomes more apparent towards the ending.

The title justice and duty was chosen as it has the most ethical connotations.