by JN Greene



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Language :
Publication Date : 10/27/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 159
ISBN : 9781413460971

About the Book

Javis is a troubled ex-cop who is blackmailed into working for a shadowy organization called the Untouchables that is dedicated to opposing crime but with a difference: it recognizes no laws. Named after the caste in India who perform dirty and dangerous jobs, the actions of the Untouchables are often illegal and lethal. Only one man, Mother Hen, knows its secrets and he keeps no records. As outlaws, their only protection is their anonymity which they protect with disguises and false identities, enabling them to disappear after a mission like the ghosts they call themselves. The stakes are high as is the mortality rate of these operatives who work alone.

About the Author

The author has written this story as an adventure in the style of those masters of action fiction like Alistair Maclean and C.S. Forester in which the story is free of unnecessary narrative that only interferes with the plot. In our world where law often seems to interfere with justice, Javis and Simon fight the war against evil at the amoral level of the criminal world. While the locations may or may not exist, and the events certainly did not really occur, it is nice to imagine that such things could happen if only in fiction.