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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/2/2012

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 339
ISBN : 9781479721504

About the Book

Robert E Denton The Key To Enlightened Dreaming The Spiritual survival Guide Beyond 2012 ABOUT THE BOOKS The Key To Enlightened Dreaming was originally published in 1998 as a full color hardcover book with original spiritual artwork as well as B&W line drawings. It teaches the reader to break down dreams into their four main components so that the symbols may be ascertained to allow the dreamer to see the message within. At that time I was raising a young family and found that the dreams of a family unit are priceless in guiding young children and parents in the ways of Spirit so that God and our spiritual guides can have a direct contact to us and guide our daily interactions. In the fall of 2011 I began to have visions of white light that seemed to be directing me to write another book to warn the planet (particularly the United States of America) of impending natural disasters that are about to hit the earth. Even a date has been given as to when this will truly begin. These visions also told me that my techniques in reading the images of Spirit through Dreams, Waking Dreams, Visions, and Soul Experiences, would be the best form of protection and direction for those who could learn It's ways. As a result I have put the two books together, one written in 1998 and the other in the fall of 2011 through the spring of 2012 to release to the world to warn those in the path of the upcoming destrution and give them a means to protect themselves and their families through this direct connection to spirit. I would like to sell the two books as one with full color art for 9.99...

About the Author

Robert E Denton was born June 11/52 in Hamilton Ontario. The only son of Pauline and Edward Denton (3 sisters) he found himself to be a spiritual seeker at a young age who was compelled to travel and study ancient spiritual teachings. He left home at the age of seventeen to live in Ottawa after traveling Europe in a 100 dollar Volkswagon. Always on the move, he found that change was motivation for consistant spiritual refinement. He ended up in the middle of the Cassiar Mountain ranges and began writing motivational columns for a few local newspapers. He married at the age of 32 and had two children, Colin and Sarah. His lifetime study and practise of meditation (two hours per night) opened spiritual doors for him and he wrote his first book on Dreams and spiritual experiences while raising his children. His children are now grown and settled in Vancouver BC. Mr. Denton has moved back to his original home town of Hamilton Ontario to care for his 86 year old mother. Beyond his creative spiritual ways Robert E is also an accomplished singer/songwriter. He had two different original bands incarnate into the Vancouver area. His latest recording with "Blood Sweat and Tears", Darcy Hepner and New Yorker Nick Marchione broke the top 40 in Canada. You can hear Robert E Dentons music at