The Quisitor Saga

The Journal

by Debbie Rinaldo



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Language :
Publication Date : 10/8/2002

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 490
ISBN : 9781401067960
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 490
ISBN : 9781401067953

About the Book

The year was 1999 and America’s innocence of evil in the world was still very much in tact. Finding a journal buried in a tin box in the sand while on vacation, Maggie Miller discovers the fate of Earth in a parallel universe thanks to the author, Danny, who implores whoever finds his journal to read it, especially if there have been recent UFO sightings. Danny warns us that our world might be next to share his world’s fate.

Part I: The Complex.

Danny tells the story of his father, Darryl Walker, and the monster mutants who invaded and destroyed their world. Darryl learns very early after he’s captured and sent to a death camp called the Complex, that the biggest monster of all is a human being who calls himself the Quisitor. Darryl and other male survivors are forced to play a strange game for survival, with the only living female, a guard named Sally, working the game. Beautiful and presumably kind, Darryl falls for Sally, and she for him. To be with Sally, Darryl must survive not only the game but the other monsters in the Complex. Altar the mutant, a tall green alien mutant, hates Darryl and tries to trick him into getting himself killed, and the red-clad guard, who’s human but psychotic, and settles disputes with a running chainsaw.

When Sally conceives his son Danny, his life is virtually over, and Darryl learns just in the nick of time that Sally isn’t at all who he thinks she is, and he barely escapes his death and the Complex. Vowing to rescue his son after he’s born, Darryl flees the monsters in order to fight another day. Darryl knows that only he can save Danny from the Quisitor, who wants to mold Darryl’s son in his image. And only Darryl Walker can save what’s left of the world by eliminating that monster.

Part II: Darryl’s Revenge.

Darryl returns to the Complex to search for the whereabouts of his son, Sally, and the Quisitor. He meets two survivors of the invasion, Micki Kowalski and Phillip Williams. They call themselves stragglers, a group of people who fell through the cracks during the invasion and were never caught by the invaders or their machines. The stragglers came to the Complex in search of one of their own who recently disappeared. While at the Complex, Darryl discovers the true identity of the Quisitor and the red-clad guard.

Against his better judgment, Darryl befriends the stragglers and returns to their home in Ohio to learn all they know about the Quisitor and the kingdom he calls the New Village, where he rules over his handpicked survivors. Nothing, however, could prepare Darryl for the horror of the New Village where more than one surprise awaits him.

After Darryl is injured at the border of the Quisitor’s territory, bitten by a mutant creature, Micki crosses the border to rescue Danny. As Darryl needs to recover quickly, he adds Micki, the woman he now loves, to his list of those in the New Village he must rescue.

Part III: The Quisitor Returns

It is six years later, and the Quisitor is thought to be long dead, killed by the reanimated mutant Altar. But there are now other forces at work. The mutants in their mothership above Earth, need to claim the rest of the planet, the human survivor’s part of the planet, for their masters, the Pelar.

As Micki, now Darryl’s wife and Danny’s mother, is dying of cancer, Darryl must leave her side to race the mutants’ destruction in order to get to the Pelar aliens, the mutants’ masters, to expose the mutants’ conspiracy. The mutants, however, have the upper hand. They have the Quisitor in stasis ready to reanimate. When the Quisitor returns, he not only wants his grandson, he aches for his revenge on Darryl Walker.

Join Maggie Miller as she struggles with the idea of Danny and Darryl’s story being fact or fiction, and as she reveals what’s the ‘same yet different’ between the parallel worlds. Be with her for a shock when during a freak tropical sto

About the Author

Debbie Rinaldo resides in Ohio with her husband and two sons. She has written twelve novels and several short stories. Astral Stalker and Satan’s Monastery are in print and available. Mrs. Rinaldo is a past member of an Advanced Writer’s Group online, and has taught an after-school enrichment class in short story writing at a local elementary school. She was involved in a joint project that was once considered by CBS for a Mini-series. Visit for a small collection of short stories.