Out Of The Sand Creek Massacre

by Nellie O. Jackson



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 12/16/1999

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 222
ISBN : 9780738807416
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 222
ISBN : 9780738807409

About the Book

Out of the Sand Creek Massacre is a heartwarming, inspiring love story that is much more than handsome man accidentally meets beautiful woman and they are attracted immediately and changed forever, although it is that on the surface, because the deep love between Jim (Big Bear of the Crow tribe) and Carole (Cheyenne chiefs daughter, Little Dove) transcends time and all matters of the earth, to unite two searching spirits in an unforgettable tale of joy and fulfillment rooted in the cruel injustices endured by Native Americans at Sand Creek and all across  nineteenth-century America.

The union of the spirits of Big Bear and Little Dove as Jim and Carole allows for the completion of their mission in this life as caring people respectful of Mother Earth and the ways of their ancestors, as well as compassionate and nurturing teachers committed to each other and to helping children to grow and learn in their time on this side of the shining river that, when crossed, leads to the land of peace and harmony so different from the arid reservations in desolate sections of these blood-soaked United States.

You, the reader, will witness the colorful pageantry and excitement of the Crow powwow in southeastern Montana; the love of music shared by Jim and Carole in Billings as they whirl about the dance floor lost in their favorite country music melodies, and climb the mountaintop inhabited by the spirits of their proud forefathers; you will tour the home/school lovingly built by Big Bear and furnished by Little Dove for their adopted boys and girls; finally, you will witness the marriage of these two extraordinary souls as they reconcile their Indian heritage and the accepted law of the land in their unique style.

Rejoice as they begin a new life together as husband and wife, father and mother to neglected children, teachers of the old ways that must be preserved and messengers from the old ones, with the promise of a time when the People of the Earth will be reunited. Until then, Big Bear and Little Dove are wonderful examples of living as the Great Spirit intended; that is, giving freely and loving deeply, laughing heartily and embracing the wind that rises to meet them as they race toward home, neither looking back nor dwelling on what cannot be changed or erased in the past.

About the Author

Nellie Jackson is a native of Florida, but at the present time, is a resident of Missouri. Out of her life experiences and travels came the autobiography If I Had It All To Do Over.

Her next book, The Record Of Heaven, shares with her readers the opening of the doors of her subconscious mind back when she was spirit moving in the heavens.

Her new book release is Sirquave, One With Wings, a powerful, moving novel of Native Americans.

Nellie Jackson has had her poetry published by the American Poetry Association, the Fine Arts Press, Amherst Society and many others. She has had a number of inspirational songs produced, and she has collaborated on works of text and photography. Nellie is an accomplished lecturer who has spoken extensively in the United States and abroad, and she has appeared on numerous radio programs.