Autumn Thoughts of a Man in Love

by R.E.B. Manning



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Publication Date : 4/27/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 80
ISBN : 9781413455076
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 80
ISBN : 9781425704285

About the Book


The world keeps turning. Seasons come and seasons go. Winter, spring, summer, autumn. Yet, we are still here. We have survived love to live again. We live to survive love again. Some of us are happy, some of us are sad. Some of us think that we can solve all our problems alone, but we can’t. It will take someone other then me to help me through this period in my life. We must have the strength to let that special someone in to see our weaknesses.

As the seasons come and go, our lives will change. If only we could stop time so we can have time enough to think; Time enough to solve these dilemmas. If only we could stop and take the time to contemplate life.

During the autumn season, R.E.B. Manning, Poet/Musician/Educator sat down and thought about love. Those thoughts were profound; Profound enough that he gathered his thoughts and published them as a book of poems. The season’s kept moving. Yet, he had stopped during that autumn season to think; And as he thought, time stood still.

Thoughts of Love, Thoughts of Love Gone Wrong, Serious Thoughts, Humorous Thoughts, Thoughts of Grandeur, and Thoughts of Nothing But Love went through his mind. His “Autumn Thoughts” during that moment, captures our innermost feelings of love.

Now, still the world keeps turning and the season come and go. But for that one moment in time, the seasons stopped at autumn, when the leaves were ready to fall from the trees. Autumn, when the colors of love were showing their beauty for all to see. Autumn, when the strong, tough trees wore yellow and orange. When the world heard the personal, intimate, private, confidential, even the secret “Autumn Thoughts” of a Man in Love.

Re’ Banfield, Photographer

About the Author

R.E.B. Manning is a modern age artisan with expertise in several areas: He is an educator, instrumental musician, vocal musician, composers of musical, writer of plays, musicals, writer of magazine, newspaper and journal articles, writer of “Autumn Thoughts of a Man in Love,” The Winter Thoughts of a Man in Love, and now reveals to the world his third book “Thoughts of a Summer Love.” He feels it is more important that you know he is a spiritual man; A man who loves and appreciates the blessings of life; A man who loves his Wife Charlotte and five children Ronnie, Sonata, REB II, Justice, and Jules Manning; A man who is in love with love. He has been educated at the best universities in the country, but feels this book is a product not of his education, but of his life experiences. This book, a journal of steamy realisms in love, sultry life encounters, emits a flood of sweltering expressions, burning feelings, searing views, and fiery lexis. “Thoughts of a Summer Love.” Re’ Banfield