Someone Right For You

21st Century Strategies for Finding Your Special Someone

by Edward A. Dreyfus, PhD



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Publication Date : 9/8/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 221
ISBN : 9781413420906

About the Book


Reknown Psychologist Tells You How to Find Your Special Someone

One of the main reasons for the alarmingly high divorce rates across the county is that people make poor choices when it comes to finding a mate. Most people spend more time and energy in the planning of a major vacation or an important dinner party than they do in developing a strategy for finding their significant other. No one would think about finding a CEO for their company or a person with whom to have a business partnership by going to their local pub or dance hall. The romantic models for mate selection based on romance novels and romanticized films are just that: romantic myths. Yet people have relied upon such notions for decades.

The author contends that while romance may be a part of a relationship, just as friendship may be a part of being a good business partner, it is not sufficient basis for developing a long lasting marriage. In order for a marriage to be successful, one must choose carefully from the beginning. This book helps the readers make better choices in order to increase the probability of success. The author defines four types of relationships – playmate, roommate, friend, and permanent mate – and then helps you to decide which one you are really looking for.

The book is based on the author’s 40 years of experience in counseling individuals and couples in how to develop and sustain intimate relationships. Someone Right for You offers a unique strategy for finding an appropriate mate.

It helps the reader create a step-by-step plan based on an understanding of her or himself and what he or she needs to be happy in a relationship.

Rather than using a hit or miss approach to finding a mate, the author suggests that with careful planning and a clear understanding of what one wants, it is possible to increase the odds of finding that someone right. But to do so, it takes a willingness to step outside of the box, an openness to engage in a serious personal inventory, and then, following the approach outlined in the book, a commitment to take the steps necessary.

About the Author

Dr. Edward A. Dreyfus is a licensed psychologist, sex therapist, and marriage and family therapist practicing in Santa Monica, California for more than three decades. In addition to a clinical practice where he offers individual, couples and sex therapy, Dr. Dreyfus also practices as a life coach. He has worked with hundreds of couples of helping them achieve more successful, fulfilling relationships. Dr. Dreyfus believes that the primary reason for the alarmingly high divorce is due to the inappropriate manner in which people choose a mate. We live in the 21st century and yet we use mating strategies developed a hundred years ago.