Those Who Travel

by Dave Snow



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 7/12/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 314
ISBN : 9781413457872

About the Book

If one believes time travel might be possible in the future, then one must also consider the distinct possibility that time travelers secretly live amongst us, and always have. Those Who Travel is a story about just such a group of time travelers. It’s the summer of 1959, Barnum, Colorado, when ten-year-old Ricky Catts is yanked from his backyard swing and swallowed up by the Earth. Unscathed, with no memory of what just happened, Ricky realizes he has been granted the ability to project his thoughts. What better way to get even with neighborhood bullies? But demonstrations of his unique powers don’t go unnoticed by an evil time traveler from his own future—a man who doesn’t want to see Ricky grow up.

Aware he’s being stalked, Ricky runs for his life. He and his friends begin an adventure through time and parallel realities where they discover their own parents are time travelers from the 21st Century. Fleeing up the timestream too quickly, Ricky nears death, adrift in time. People from 30th Century Tetra Lome rescue him and nurse him back to health. They intend to study their ancient captive from 1959, teaching Ricky that a brush with a comet devastated Earth in the 21st Century, and that they were created from digital DNA to preserve the human genome.

Homesick and frightened, Ricky wants to leave despite the grandeur and wonder of Tetra Lome. However, the Tetraites would rather destroy the timestream than allow him to leave. He narrowly escapes with a sympathetic Tetraite by employing his unique mental gift.

Ricky realizes his destiny after journeying back down the timestream to the 23rd Century, where his Tetraite companion imparts advanced knowledge of how to stop the comet from damaging Earth, thus altering history. He saves his family and puts an end to the man who’s relentlessly pursued him through time.

About the Author

Dave Snow is a Vietnam veteran and graduate of Pomona California’s Polytechnic University School of Architecture. He has enjoyed a successful career as a historical architect with the National Park Service, and has traveled extensively. The author of four near-future science fiction novels, Beyond the Reality of ONE, Raven’s Nest, Those Who Travel, and Möbius, he never tires of exploring modern technology and its effects on the human condition. A profound respect for humankind’s potential and strength of spirit is reflected in all of Dave’s unique tales.