Thirty Silver Coins

by Ray Kelley



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 2/7/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 137
ISBN : 9781599267609

About the Book

Jeffery Foster was a man whom many would have considered great, himself included. But when a deadly automobile accident leaves his mangled body clinging precariously to life, he finds himself being ferried down the River Styx, and on his way to Hell. Through the eyes of Foster, and those who knew him best in life, we embark on a journey though this lost man's life, and seek to learn exactly what went wrong. At first, Foster seems poised to become a powerful and positive force in the world around him. He graduates college with an architectural degree and moves back to his hometown of Loeb to set up shop in the growing rural community. He meets and marries his wife Connie, and the two have a son together. An opportunity presents itself for Foster to play a key role in Loeb's development, allowing him to make his fortune and help nurture Loeb through what might have otherwise proven a very difficult time. But something dark and cold is festering within this young man's heart. Eventually, his wife leaves him, taking their young son Justin with her. One by one, friends and associates fall away, until Foster is left with only the one person he can't push away: himself. If Jeffery Foster is to find redemption within his fading hour, he must finally face the truth about his lifetime of vanity and folly. Only then can he hope to escape a fate much worse than the death which draws nearer with each beat of his rapidly failing heart.

About the Author

has written novels and short stories which cover a wide variety of genres including horror, fantasy, and science fiction, and a few which positively defy any such classification. Prior to Thirty Silver Coins, he published the science fiction adventure Saturn, also through Xlibris. Ray Kelley He lives in Tennessee where he continues to develop a number of writing projects. He plans to have his next book, a humorous science fiction novel entitled Starbus, available sometime in 2006.