Can We Afford to Let the US Government Takes Over our Healthcare?

by P.P. Charly



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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/12/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 89
ISBN : 9781441571618

About the Book

From our mysterious freedom and independence from the British Empire, to our first trip to the moon, the United State of America has been proving to the globe that our ability to success surpass contemporary understanding. Despite our leadership in bringing peace, love, and freedom to people around the world, America has not been perfect on itself. Our imperfection has been reflected in our health care, Immigration, and education which are among the most expensive, yet less efficient among the industrialized countries. “THE OBAMA KENNEDY NATION” is a road map of the excellent report card given to the richest and the most successful country in the universe. As the most essential aspect and the most expensive system in America, health care is the core and the basis of all discussions of this book.

About the Author

P., P. Charly is an M.D. & M.H.A/Gerontology candidate. While Attending FMU as biology/Pre-Med student, he has had the opportunity to participate in the University of Iowa AGEP biomedical research during the Summer of 2004 and 2005. Despite his intense academic schedule as biology student, he was able to work as Mortgage Consultant at a financial firm, while serving the community of Jerusalem SDA Church as church coordinator and Health Report for a local radio talk show. As one of the four siblings who attend medical school, Charly has lived in New York City with his parents, but he has attended schools in NY, TN, FL, IL, and GA. On his journey to becoming a cardiovascular surgeon, he has learned to listen to the wisdom of his father, who has always said that the power of education is found in the knowledge of science.