Open To Bliss Sage Hope's 1st Gift to Humanity The Definitive & Complete Solution Manual to Sexual Attraction & Addiction

Dispelling the Infinite Contrasts Disguised as Sexual Attraction

by Omid Mankoo



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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/6/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 499
ISBN : 9781436369336
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 500
ISBN : 9781436369343
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 499
ISBN : 9781453533567

About the Book

Sex produces life. Sex & life are sacred. The book is the Solution Manual to Sexual Fixation. It takes it from an unknown, unmanageable, passion-driven phenomenon to a known, manageable self-directed expression. It dismantles & demystifies it, nullifying its powerful mesmerizing affects & step by step, with ease & simplicity, gradually instructs on how to release the mind from disguised mind manipulations, allowing the mind to finally experience simple sweet peace and bliss. A Gift of Tremendous Import: The long-awaited advent of the solution to sexual attraction and addiction is once again dispensed by one of God’s devotees, the simple Sage Hope. This is a gift of tremendous import and magnitude, to humanity for eons to come. It is a vast treasure fashioned in the hermitage of inner silence and brought out into the open, brilliantly lighting the sight of the bewildered with its profound insights. .. Open the Mystery: The opening words “Open to Bliss” refers to the act of opening or unravelling. It is demystifying the complex, perplexing, and infinitely varied stream of data, which is presented to us as sexual attraction, to its simpler elements, to such a degree that it no longer holds any power. It is seen as child’s play (blatantly simple), and as a pitiful attempt at manipulation. Bliss is what remains when one’s consciousness has escaped this confounding maze designed for the mind, and learns to derive pleasure once again in experiencing the preciousness of his or her own true innocent childlike-self. .. A Teacher’s Teacher: Sage Hope is Self-taught, Guru-taught (Spiritual Teacher-taught,) & God-taught by: Introspection, analysis, eternal questioning, investigation Validation of truths in daily life Application to embody the potent ascertained truths Independent study of the Spiritual Teachers’ invaluable written works The study of world’s revealed religious literature. .. The Work: This is an unbiased research of the introspective Sage Hope. After in-depth study of various religions (equivalency of his study spans thrice his lifetime), after unravelling the mystery of love, and having experienced emotional fulfillment, he turned his attention to this formidable, potent, and illusive mystery, namely sexual attraction. The work represents 4 ½ years worth of exclusive study on the matter culminating in the Absolute Solution, which when understood dispels the illusions of sexual attraction to such a point that the mystery becomes as the sage says, “unimpressive.” .. Essence of the Problem: Sexual attraction is presented in perplexing, multi-layered, multi-faceted, and ever-changing forms. The onlooker is thereby mesmerized. Baffled, he loses his perspective and sense of reality. His consciousness is swept away with the stream of peculiar variegated data that bombards him. .. The Solution: A born teacher, the author, Omid Mankoo, is extremely detailed. With simplicity, he dissects and identifies each illusive element of the jumbled mass of sexual manipulation. He elucidates how each element functions to capture the mind. Furthermore, he demonstrates the reason for their potency when they combine to form, what many experience as, a mysterious unknown force, that many mistakenly attribute to their instinct or nature, and strongly but mistakenly feel that this unknown force is originating from within them. The complex jumble created by social norms, ideologies and beliefs on sex and sexual behavior, the status of persons, innocence, and more are each discussed separately, demystifying each of their effects on the whole experience of sexual attraction. .. Several means of grasping the material is employed, including: .. 242 Insights & Insight Briefs Table: With minimal reading, an ample burst of rich nourishing knowledge is delivered to the reader, by means of 242 condensed (Sutra) Insights, each sentence of which is a compacted form of many sentences. Insights are also listed in a table to be used as reminders or for ease of reference. The recommended reading method is to read the first insight, then go onto reading the next insight, so on and so forth until the book is finished. If at any point one needs further clarification of an insight, they can read the explanations available underneath the insights. In this manner the book can be read fairly quickly. Even though, I insist that you must read all the insights slowly and then go back and read each insight along with each explanation. have in mind, that after you have understood that the knowledge is practical you cannot just read it, you then apply it to your life,an slowly set yourself free. .. Explanations of Insights: Explanations below Insights are to assist those readers requiring a guiding hand to walk them through to fully grasp the sometimes intricate details of some Insights. .. 234 Pictorial Reminders of Insights: These are semi-picture and keyword representations of the Insights enabling the reader who has understood the insights to be reminded of them by viewing the Pictorial Reminder. In this manner the entire book can be reviewed again fairly quickly. .. 42 Listed Examples: In order to assist in clarifying the intended meaning even further, a host of 42 examples are given, which are also listed in a table for ease of reference. Numerous other unlisted examples abound throughout the text. .. Comprehensive Index (as a quick summary of book): The fastest method of study, for those with little time, is to read entries under a specific heading within the comprehensive index. The comprehensive index contains a myriad of entries spanning sometimes three sentences long. Reading them is equivalent to reading a summary of the book, covering virtually all of the key points.

About the Author

Taught & Guided by Supreme Teachers: God is first and foremost, the best and most thorough teacher. Omid is a rare Spiritual Master who has taken as teacher God, with the aid of silence and truth including other scholarly teachers and regarded them as his own. He shares with pleasure, caring, compassion and for the education of the world the detailed body of work dispelling the illusion of sexual attraction, by his first Book: "Open to Bliss, Sage Hope´s 1st Gift to Humanity, The Definitive & Complete Solution Manual to Sexual Attraction & Addiction" A Rare Spiritual Master: It is indeed rare to find a person who is astute and unbiased in the study, verification and application of spiritual knowledge of various religions. However, according to Omid, it should not be rare. He states that every one of us has the ability to understand the rich information in religions. “However, many because of biases, lack of interest, confusion, or lack of time fail to see the messages clearly. It is rather elementary, and that is why every sweet loving child is a true master . Many adults have learned a lot of misinformation that has made their thinking dull and jaded.” On Spirituality: “Spirituality is a process of stripping away the garbage that we mistakenly think to be true. We have believed many lies. Spirituality is about clarifying and enlightening one another about the very real truth. Many of such truths can be verified in your daily lives. Without such verifications you would be incapable of determining truth from falsehoods, and you can be lead astray by any and everyone that crosses your path.” On Mastership: Mastership is about returning to childhood innocence. The Mastership which Omid speaks of, in referring to himself, is one of Mastering himself. Indeed, he declares that each one of us has the ability to Master ourselves. Omid is not fond of titles. He is usually stripping away untruths that are often hidden behind words. However, it is important for him to communicate to you, in some way, of the significance of the knowledge which he possesses and the type of person he is. In His Own Words: “Truthfully, we are all the same, Infinitely Precious, Divine and Phenomenal. An ant in the face of all of existence ought to remain humble, however, in the face of his own existence ought to remain awestruck of this unknown inexplicable life which (s)he is”. “I see the necessity of people learning gradually, because even though the solutions are present, hardly anyone grasps it. Approach me for guidance and I will present to you a step by step approach to spiritual knowledge.” Expert in: Learn from Omid if you are a truth seeker and are looking for a common-sense, truthful spiritual approach to understanding and improving human relations, self-esteem, emotional fulfillment, emotional dependency, possessiveness, jealousy, sexual fixations and want inquisitive and deep insights into spirituality rather than a narrow dogmatic thinking. Studies in His Early Years: Omid is an honest introspective researcher, into the matters of heart, mind, and spirit. His first Book “Open to Bliss…” is, the first of a series of books, to be a guide for those with honest minds, who thirst for practical knowledge, about problems which they seem great difficulty to find answers to. In short, these bodies of knowledge are guidance for humanity. Present in “Open to Bliss” are his insights by which he unraveled and understood this grand and perplexing mystery and the methods he applied to release himself from the clutches of sexual attraction and fixation. ©2009 1. Visit Author´s Blog ( ) to preview 40 book insights or have your general questions answered