Situations of Life

Floetry... For Poetry Lovers

by Brenda Black



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 12/27/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 215
ISBN : 9781413447125

About the Book

This book contains short poetic stories. My poetry talks about the different areas and ways in which some of us might view life’s characteristics. They let your mind wander. They open up your thoughts to help you acknowledge a fictional as well as nonfictional approach to things in the past and things to come. Everyone knows their gifts and shortcomings within their own mind, body, and heart. These poetic stories “flow” within those real affects of the human condition. Everyone has their own opinion of how life flows and what life is all about. My writings talk about all occasions. We all know that life is not promised to us. We should all make the best of our lives. Loving, caring and sharing should be major values as we allow life to continually show us, through our relationships with ourselves as well as others, that we are here to live, learn, and contribute by being all of who we are. Loving yourself, taking care of your loved ones, and accepting the fact that you can change any aspect of your life should mean the most to all of us. I hope you enjoy my book of short poetic stories. I hope also that you find those pearls of wisdom, strength, and love contained within your life inside the stories in this book that touch you personally. May life last you long, and your health remain strong. Only good things in life, Brenda Poynter Black

About the Author

Brenda Poynter Black is a writer and lyricist. Residing in Columbia, Tennessee, Brenda has been writing contemporary and urban poetry for the last two years. She also writes and has published lyrics for music producers and songwriters. While working the usual 9 to 5 most of her adult life, Brenda woke up one morning in 2001 and started writing. She hasn’t stopped since. Writing full time now, Brenda concentrates more on the situations in our lives that affect us the most. This has always intrigued her, which is why her style of writing is based more on human conditioning and behavior.