Paddy Owen's Regulars

A History of the 69th Penna ''Irish Volunteers'' Volume I

by Don Ernsberger



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Publication Date : 8/5/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 548
ISBN : 9781413453027

About the Book

During the American Civil War, the lads of the 69th Pennsylvania “Irish Volunteers” from Philadelphia fought in every battle with the Army of the Potomac. From 1861 to 1865 the regiment marched under its Irish Green battle flag in the midst of engagements from Glendale to Antietam to Gettysburg to Petersburg. They participated in the entire Peninsular campaign and at the battle of Glendale their bayonet charge to recover captured union artillery pieces was hailed as “the first successful bayonet charge of the war”. They charged into the West Woods at Antietam and charged up Marye’s Heights at Fredericksburg On July 3, 1863 at Gettysburg, the wall they defended was the target of Pickett’s charge. That day they lost 50% of their men killed, wounded or captured along with their Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel and Major. In the Winter of 1864 the 69th became the only regiment in their Brigade to reenlist as a unit to fight the war to the end. At Spotsylvania, they attacked the “mule shoe” and captured a confederate battle flag. On to Cold Harbor and Petersburg they fought finally pursuing Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia to surrender at Appomattox. Of the more than 1000 men who marched off to war in August 1861, only 56 remained on duty at Appomattox Courthouse. This book is about their history, their combat and their daily lives. It details the role they played in every battle and the personalities that constituted the regiment. Incorporating hundreds of personal letters with photographs and maps, the tale of the “Irish Volunteers” is examined on a day to day basis. From their roots as children of Irish immigrants during the Potato famine to their return home to Philadelphia in glory, the story of the 69th Pennysylvania “Irish Volunteers”, Paddy Owen’s regulars is the story of heroism and individual courage.

About the Author

Don Ernsberger has been an educator, political activist and Civil War buff for almost all of his life. At age 59, he now spends his time as Deputy Chief of Staff for a US Congressman in Washington DC when he is not out on a Civil War reenactment site or battlefield tour or traveling the world or at his summer home in Cape May New Jersey. For 30 years, he was a High School and College teacher of American History and Philosophy and spent a large amount of his life as an activist with the Libertarian Movement in America. As an undergrad at Penn State University, he was active in libertarian causes from student rights to resistance to collectivism and the military draft and actively opposed the Vietnam war. During his teaching career, he earned is graduate degrees, built a house,raised a family and was active outside the classroom with the Libertarian Party as an organizer, member of the National Committee and candidate for the US House and US Senate. His lifelong interest in the War between the States stretches back to 5th grade when he wrote a small book on the issues that caused the war and when his parents took him to Gettysburg in 1863. He has read and studied all of the classic works on the war and has been involved as a Civil War reenactor with the 69th Pa "Irish Volunteers" for the past 11 years with his son Mike. He can be found hiking across battlefields or on a backpack trail; playing his guitar or riding his waverunner; working on Congressional legislation or researching & writing a new book; traveling the world or just pondering philosophy.