Sam Cornbread and Sarah Butterbeans

by J. Thomas, Jr.



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Language :
Publication Date : 12/5/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 56
ISBN : 9781413494068

About the Book

As told to me, J. Thomas, Jr. Please allow me, this writer, to say a few things. There are obscenities in this book that may be non-suitable to some people, and not to others. This includes underage adolescence: some of it may be falsehoods. If so, they are “quotes” from people who were suppose to have been on the scene, or people who said they heard some lewd, concrescence (like grown together) sounds coming from them (male and female). Again, please be advised these defiles are not my direct quotes, however, a few may be. Note: This writer uses assumed names for this book. Names like Sam Cornbread, Sarah Butterbeans, and a rapturous lady named Cherie Appleblossomyard; there was Dill Quick-hand Jim, Fatman Shortie; home brew! (Backdrinking) Bannon Rooster Sam and Emma “Catcher” Toria; and etc. Your time is much appreciated for reading. I’m much obliged to you.

About the Author

I hail from Dixie, Georgia, (Brooks County). As a Georgia farm boy, I helped with harvesting farm products. This was usually during the summer, but did not encompass all of the summer months. My adolescent years were spent in high school, followed by college, which I attended under the G.I. Bill years later. In 1948, 1949, and 1950 I spent three summers in Sarasota, Florida. During one of visits in the summer of 1949, I met this teen and became smitten. Her name was Estella, a soft spoken svelte with dark brown hair and eyes. I never forgot her, and in November of 2002, after many years, we were married. I and Estella did not see or talk to each other for 50 years. I entered the U.S. Navy in1950 and retired in 1970. I am the father of two adult Daughters, 2 Grandsons. I've been married three times prior with one marriage ending in divorce, and the other two ending due to the demise of my spouses. One, after twenty-five years of marriage caused by Lupus; the other ended after twelve years due to cancer. I am the author of two books of poetry. Several of my poems are in Anthology. I appreciate your interest in me and my poetry, and thank you for traveling this journey with me. All the best to my readers.