Earth's Darkest Hour - Man's Darkest Hour

by Richter Cox



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/9/2005

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 104
ISBN : 9781450004046
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 104
ISBN : 9781599260242

About the Book

This BOOK reveals deep truths found in the Bible concerning the Last Days in mankind’s future that few scholars, if any, have every pieced together. During the End Times, devastating events will occur to such extraordinary proportions that it will be the darkest times the earth and mankind will ever face. The author explains the Last Years of mankind in precise, easy to understand language and format. This book is written for both the scholar and the student to offer hope to all with explanation of how to be ready and escape this darkest devastation that mankind will ever experience.

There is a way of escape from the Great Tribulation; the seven-year period of extraordinary disasters that will befall the earth and mankind by earthquakes and large asteroid or asteroid-like objects that deface the earth’s surface. One ruler takes over the world by force, killing billions of people. This same ruler will control everyone on the earth except those who refuse his mark. The fate of those who take his mark and those who do not are discussed with exact Biblical references. What is his mark? The author shares his views and Biblical truth about this mark.

Earth’s Darkest Hour – Man’s Darkest Hour also expounds on the following:

• Events that must happen before Earth’s and Man’s Darkest Hour takes place.
• How to escape the End Times disasters.
• The events that happen to those caught up in the seven-year Tribulation Period.
• This book describes the details of the seven-year Tribulation Period when the worst terrors in all of human history will take place on the earth and to mankind.
• This BOOK gives you the Biblical reasons why these events take place.
• The length of time the one world ruler will rule the earth and his outcome.
• This book tells you plainly what happens after Armageddon. Earth’s Darkest Hour – Man’s Darkest Hour gives you the population decreases on the earth, given in the Book of Revelation, that allows you to understand how devastating the End Times disasters will effect mankind as a whole. This BOOK describes the Antichrist’s system in detail. You don’t have to follow the Antichrist or take his mark. There is hope for those who find themselves living during the Tribulation Period; The Earth’s Darkest Hour – Man’s Darkest Hour.

About the Author

The AUTHOR, RICHTER COX, is an ordained minister who has served the Lord both as a pastor and youth minister; open to the Lord’s calling and guidance in his life. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Austin College. Richter has studied the End Times since 1977. The author has studied, in depth and prayerfully, the Biblical passages relating to the End Times. He has studied early and medieval art along with historic and modern events that both shed light upon the Antichrist’s system and the End Times specifically. Richter Cox lives with his wife and two daughters in Howe, Texas.