Maximum Anxiety

by Kerry Scott



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 3/18/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 70
ISBN : 9781436398121

About the Book

In a small solar system far from anything else, so far no starlight can be seen. This system consist of a blue giant sun and two colossal planets. On one of the planets that has thick gray cloud cover lives a race of humanoids they are a energy based metallic organisms. They usually live in peace but have there occasional greed and murder like every other race. But this time a being shows up and starts a chain of events that will if successful cause the death of all life in the universe. One particular humanoid named Naredical has to track him down in the backdoors of the universe unfinished dimensions. And face hidden dangers in his quest to stop this being from finding a terrible creature that will devour the whole universe. With a great fight for life on the way he can not help but think that this is only the beginning of something far worse.

About the Author

I was born on September 17 1984 in orange park Florida and is currently serving in the US Army. I am married to a beautiful women named Santana Scott. Currently I am serving in Iraq on my second deployment. The Army is a great place to be if you can be were your suppose to be, and do what your suppose to do. I started this story at the age of five it started with drawings and later I decided not to keep my story to myself and show my idea to the world no matter how it is taken good, bad, as long as I got my vision out there. I never in my life