The Language of Love:

In my own words' poems

by Jhonny Thermidor



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 5/18/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 151
ISBN : 9781441533197

About the Book

A collection of more than 120 inspiring Love Poems & Quotes. Instead of sabotaging your relationship, this book will help you embrace life as it is. It can definitely help you persevere in life and move the obstacles, and challenges you stumble upon. As you read those unique beautiful poems full of hope, image, metaphor, you’ll realize how The Language of Love is written not to have you lost in a world so overwhelmed, but rather to ameliorate your twisted relationship, to heal your soul and help you enjoy your everyday life as you´re living in the presence of the Lord. More Info? Visit

About the Author

Jhonny Thermidor is a student who’s currently majoring in accounting. As an optimist, his belief is getting way beyond his imagination. He recently published two love books: The Language of Love and A Romantic Dream. To his family, he is regarded as the Poet of Love because of his unique way of framing words to show deep fondness in his writing. Born in the Western Hemisphere’s wealthiest (or poorest, depending on your opinion) country, he came here in the United States to pursue his long-term dream. Known by friends for his talent and passion, he developed his affinity for creative writing when he was a freshman in Boynton Beach Community High School where he graduated in May 2009. Inspired by his personal experiences and his eleventh and twelfth-grade English teachers, he started to publish his work early 2009 at the last semester of school. He believes in writing as a way to shape the world, to unearth the unexplored ocean of wisdom.