The Peterson House

by Gilbert Collins



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/5/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 190
ISBN : 9781441598059

About the Book

Have you ever been traveling down a highway and seen a quaint beautifully decorated cottage. It can’t help but catch your eye because it’s always perfectly landscaped as the trees offer just the right amount of shade for the structure below. Just about everyone that passes this place has to admire its beauty. The Peterson House is just such a place, its magnificence can not only be seen from the road, but from a nice size lake that borders its property. The structure was first built by a couple named Henderson that moved from New York to the small town of Lake Delton Wisconsin. Present memories develop for the couple until a tragic accident claims their lives, as well as their unborn child. Now even though the cottage looks good on the outside, there are three unsettled sprits within. A few years pass and another couple buy the property, and they have a teenage son named Harold. He is like most teenage boys always thinking about girls. Late one evening when Harold’s parents are away he and his girlfriend discovered that they are not alone in this house. During this time the Viet Nam war begins to rage and Harold is drafted into the military. This is quite an experience for the young man because his first time away from home, now Harold is fighting for his life. Young Mr. Glass was not in the army but a year before he was killed in combat. The young man’s sprit goes back to the only place he remembers, the house by the lake. Mr. and Mrs. Glass, Harold parents move out of the house a few months later and it sits empty again. As fate would have it a practicing witch named Elisa Black moves from New Orleans because of the many questions raised about her strange rituals. She moves to a small town in Wisconsin named Lake Delton, and this is where Elisa runs into someone she went to high school with, Patrick Peterson. After dating for about a year they get married. The couple move to an apartment near downtown until their first and only child, Barbara is born. Now Patrick and Elisa’s lives have changed because they need more room for their growing family. One afternoon Elisa happens to see this nice cottage sitting by the lake, and immediately falls in love with it. Three weeks later Patrick, Elisa, and Barbara move into the home of their dreams, which turns out to be their worst nightmare. Follow the two witches and three ghosts as they try to co-exist, each fighting for their property. This novel will grab you with its cold misty hand and not let go.

About the Author

Gilbert W. Collins is a native of Huntington, WV. He attended Huntington High School, and was a member of the Huntington High School Bowling League. He won the West Virginia State Bowling Championship in 1969. Gilbert also attended Marshall University at the time of the Marshall tragedy. His father passed in 2009, but his mother Mary Alice Collins has lived in Huntington for over 60 years. Gilbert now resides in Birmingham, AL working as a Department Manager at The Home Depot. His love for writing became evident about 3 years ago when he was going through some tough times and questioned the Lord for some directions in his life. The answer he received was to write, because he had a story to tell. The Forgotten Man and Still Forgotten are two love stories you won't forget.