Again and Forever

by Jon Callaghan



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Language :
Publication Date : 7/18/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 312
ISBN : 9780738822907

About the Book

Again and Forever is a novel of reincarnation and love…

The newspaper headline read: LOCAL MAN KILLED IN PLANE CRASH….

When she was alone, Maria Hayes drew a deep breath, picked up the letter with trembling hands and slowly opened it.  After a moment, she took it in her hands and started to read.

My Dearest Maria,

Should you get to read this letter, know that I am incapacitated and not able to communicate, nor will I be able to in the foreseeable future, or, I have moved forward to another existence on this or a different plane of life.

Over the past two years I have grown to love you more than I ever spoke about. My life has been enriched beyond imagination through your presence in it. Thank you for having shared this time with me so openly. Had we continued, I would soon be asking you to be at my side for the rest of our lives.

Earlier in our lives each of us loved and were loved by others. Maria, I can honestly say to you that never before in my life did I experience the level of love that you and I shared.

As you lie in bed at night to rest, know that the presence you feel is me as I await movement forward to a new life and existence.

My most fervent wish is that my belief in a life hereafter is correct and that we again be joined, this time for an eternity of sharing. Wherever I go from here, I will search for you.

Do nothing to hasten your own departure for surely it will affect the outcome of our destiny. Soon, the grief you now feel will wane and you will get on with your life.  Remember our conversations and know that I do believe that the future holds for us to be together in our next lives, where and whenever that might be.

        Love Forever,


And so begins an odyssey of eternal love.  It is a story of great passion and togetherness.   Yet, it is also a tale of sorrow and separation.   From a fishing village on the Connecticut shore to a new beginning in Nebraska, where we share the lives of those who are realizing their dreams and those who make adjustments to find happiness and contentment.

Is Howard really meant to be with Maria in this new life he is assigned back on earth. Are they to be true soul mates on this a new journey through life? Unable to tell Maria of his love in their first encounter will Howard be able to demonstrate the feelings he harbored deep within himself on his last journey through life?

Do we have just one journey on earth or are we continually reassigned as directed until such time that we finally fulfill our original mission and successfully pass the lessons assigned to each of us. Hopefully, Again and Forever will answer those questions to those who seek the answers…

A special note from the author:

As a young man I awoke from dreams that can only be described as memories from a past life. Over the years to follow many of these thoughts came into play in my life as a teenager and beyond. Today, there are still events that take place which still make me wonder.

A good example would be the first time I climbed into an airplane. I was but 14 years of age and had worked diligently as a caddie at the local country club to earn money to take a flight in an airplane. As I climbed into the cockpit and sat behind the controls for the first time, I immediately knew how to handle them properly and to manage the plane in flight. It was a time before television was in our home so the knowledge couldn’t have come from watching what we see as common place events in the stories that are woven for our enjoyment on television shows and in the movies of today.

Because of these events having taken place throughout my life I have come to believe in reincarnation. There are too many instances that are impossible to explain if it is not our true reality.

About the Author

The author was born in northern New Jersey and currently resides in central Connecticut. As a member of the U.S. Coast Guard and later as a professional pilot he traveled to different parts of the world seeing life from many aspects. Again and Forever is his first full-length novel.