How to Win Nature and Enjoy Good Life

Baby Steps to Follow Mother Nature

by Prabhash Karan



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Language : English
Publication Date : 4/17/2019

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 642
ISBN : 9781984566874
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 642
ISBN : 9781984566881
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 642
ISBN : 9781984566898

About the Book

Love wins, hate ruins. Human, by nature, loves more readily than hates occasionally. The book, How to Win Nature and Enjoy Good Life, explores innate human nature and its relationship with nature. This book along with its four companion books—Nature Is My Teacher; Of Human Nature and Good Habits; Life, Living and Lifestyle and Health and Medical Care—constitutes a series that tells the nature-human connection and its implication in our daily life, in the related set of separate episodes.

How to Win Nature and Enjoy Good Life primarily deals with love, relationship, marriage and family life. It contains chapters: Love and Relationships (Love is hard to describe; it is often bewildering and unknowable. You may never know even in your lifetime. But you can’t miss to sense it.); Marriage (To be a woman, childlessness is a private sorrow. Childlessness signifies a rolling loss into the future. It means no children, and no grandchildren.); Family (Today, children suffer from the lack of love and care, affection and attention from their parents on a daily basis.); Children (Children are the most valuable resources of this planet—one-third of our population and all of our generation. If you want to give one gift to your child, then let it be enthusiasm.); Friends and Society (Most Americans are home alone (2.6 people per household), drive alone (1.6 per car), and stay alone.); Life Is Good (Research on well-being basically concentrates on three core factors: health, relationships, and a sense of purpose.); Life is Beautiful (Life is half spent before we envision what life is. We are sorry for the past and worry for the future. But true living never has to be all regrets of the past or all prospects of the future.); Live Young, Live Long (Globally, life expectancy grows and shrinks according to income trends.); Enjoy Good Food (Food is remarkably a bonding force. Survey finds that in more than a quarter of families, food is considered to be an emotional response and a meaningful way to show affection.); How Food Works (Breakfast jump-starts the metabolism process of the day. So, don’t skip or mess it up. People who do not break fast soon after rising (half an hour or so), or take breakfast later in the morning, typically consume more calories over the course of the day and run a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity.) Diet and Nutrition (Humans evolved to eat. Anthropologists looked at the diets, habits and physical activities of hundreds of modern hunter-gatherer groups and small-scale societies, whose lifestyles are very similar to those of ancient populations, and find that they all generally exhibit excellent metabolic health while consuming a wide range of diets.); Herbs and Spices (The herb is always of plant origin. It is not of animal origin; nor is it a supplement that was developed in a lab.)

About the Author

Prabhash Karan is an engineer. He worked as a metallurgical
engineer, civil engineer, structural engineer, and nuclear power
plant engineer. Later, he worked as a software engineer writing
computer codes in over two dozen programming languages.
He was involved in developing IBM’s three operating systems.
He speaks four languages and writes primarily in English and
occasionally in his native language, Bengali. He writes very
simple, targeted, and topic oriented, and makes the topic easy
to get.

He was born and raised in a loving family of eight in a remote
village of coastal India. With no electricity and everybody in
bare feet, he was raised in his multi-generational ancestral
home—open air, earth and water, father and mother. He is a
naturalist and a faithful follower of Mother Nature. He loves
music and walking. Now over 70, he is a family man who still
works fulltime, never been sick for a day in his life. He is an
individual who is passionately optimistic about life. To him,
life is so beautiful!

He is the author of five books: Nature Is My Teacher; Of Human
Nature and Good Habits; Life, Living and Lifestyle; How to Win
Nature and Enjoy Good Life; and Health and Medical Care. His
forthcoming book is In God We Trust.