Pictorial Essay of Din Din Book No. 1

by Diane Sytarchuk-Kent



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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/16/2022

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 788
ISBN : 9781669836827

About the Book

This book is based on simple, basic neuroscience. This is basically the principle of the pictures our minds make for all the words in our language. In my book, I call them simply social stories or cartoons that are representative of the corresponding words. Our brains process these pictures at lightning speed—so fast we do not even realize we are accomplishing this miracle feat of our built-in computers. In people with cognitive problems, these pictures become sometimes slowed down or may even be completely absent. This makes understanding verbal language difficult, if not impossible. My two pictorial essay books are a look into the picture language of my first book of poetry. Normal people take this process for granted because we do not even realize we are accomplishing this gargantuan feat. I call the pictures in these books social stories because they are the social language translation of the words, in pictures or cartoon form. People with cognitive difficulties are more readily able to understand the social undertones of language in this user-friendly way. It is very effective. I taught my autistic son this way. My books are meant to give caregivers an idea how to communicate with these very wonderful and special people. There is a wealth of ideas and a start to anyone who wants to be able to learn how to communicate and teach these beautiful people. I taught my late son Eric in this manner. It was the only way he could learn. He loved me very much for this look into our world, which he was kept from by his disability. He was hungry for this language and to have some connection with the world we know. He wanted to be part of our world. He wanted desperately to communicate to us. I even taught him the bathroom routine using this method. How I wish he had lived to experience these books! He was my greatest teacher and mentor. My late husband, Kevin Kent, gave me the means to make these all a reality.

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