Grail Family Secrets

The Dark Pool

by Sir David DePaul



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Language : English
Publication Date : 6/6/2024

Format : E-Book
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Page Count : 172
ISBN : 9798369422854
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Dimensions : 6x9
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ISBN : 9798369422847
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ISBN : 9798369422861

About the Book

The book is a journey for the reader to travel as well as to better understand what has been called throughout history, the Holy Grail. The book’s journey begins with the original families that first settled the “Pol” (the Marshlands of Gaul), which starts in the geographical area of France known at that time as Guyenne Province. Later, Guyenne became the Duchy of Aquitaine. These families then migrated across Europe and became the Gnostic Grail Families with direct ancestral ties to the pre-iberian Celtic Tribes, Visagoths, Cathars, Knights Templar, and Knights of Malta. Many of these also had Druidic bloodline ties and married into the early Holy Roman Empire. Later they were the Troubadors whom expounded the ideals of Courtly Love as well as many becoming notable Churchmen and Churchwomen. Many were deliberately sent to the Roman Catholic Seminary to go on to be Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, and quite a lot of them became Popes of the Roman Catholic Church. These Grail Families knew many mysteries and secrets and they left clues about them hidden in a variety of manners such as in Artwork and Architecture. The books author has unlocked many of these that have been entirely missed by both Henry Lincoln, co-author of “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” and Dan Brown, author of “The Da Vinci Code”. Da Vinci did indeed leave more un-noticed symbology in the frescoe, “The Last Supper” which relates directly to the Grail families and the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdelene. The patrons of Da Vinci were among these families. Hidden also in the Frescoe is a actual geographical location at which we believe both artifacts, treasure, and bodies, are interred. Thousands of researchers of the Rennes le Chateau enigma have never been able to comprehend exactly what the painting by the artist Pousin known as “The Shepards of Arcadia” really symbolises. Coded parchments found at Rennes le Chateau in the Magdelene Chapel make referance to: “Shepardess, no temptation” which is meant to be a marker at the actual location where the Shepardess resides and it is not in the Languedoc but rather it is in Aquitaine. The Grail familes are the descendants of much earlier races and became the Nobility of Europe. This book will show the migration of our family octopus that has spread its tentacles across Europe and then across to America, the “New World” of our families. Many of the families which the author makes special note of are still around today including the Sforza, Orsini, Visconti, Medici, . Boromeo, and a host of others with Gnostic bloodlines. These are merely just a few mentioned by the author in his revealing of the true Grail families. The author shows exactly whom St. Vincent de Paul really was and the true lineage of the de Paul family which never did die out as many misinformed people have tried to state. The Roman Catholic Church covered up the fact that many “saints” came from the Gnostic bloodlines that were canonised by the church. This will be very apparent as the reader’s “Quest” unfolds as the book enters into areas of the “secretum” nature. St. Vincent de Paul’s Gnostic leanings and the true history of the de Paul bloodline show that St. Vincent de Paul did not come from a peasant family but rather a very old Nobility current. There is strong research uncovered by the author that leads him to believe that the Grail families all knew a secret to which only a bloodline soul vibrating with the correct DNA could figure out. The author has done so and much of the information and material within this book has never been revealed before and it takes the correct “soul” to present this in its proper and truthful manner. There is strong evidence that the body of Mary Magdelene is not where the church or other historians believe it to be. There is also very strong evidence that Jesus the Christ did not really die upon the Cross as church doctrine falsely states. The author believes quite strongly that the bodies of the Magdelene and the Christ are hidden in a crypt or ossuary along with the Merovingian King, Dagobert II. The book reveals that the de Paul, de Lorraine, de Bourbon, de Aragon, de Navarre, de Blanchefort, de Goth, de Hautpoul, de Habsbourg, and many others are actually blood related. Pierre Plantard and Gerald de Sede fabricated their version of the Priory of Sion, but the Priory did actually exist and it exists to see a Merovingian dynasty restored to its sacred bloodright. The true Priory protected the bloodline of Jesus and his wife Mary Magdelene and exists to this day in a modern time. Truth of this is well presented by the author. While the book does discuss certain mysteries of a more esoteric nature, the author has been determined to present a more academic and historical book that is not full of mere Occult mumbo jumble but accurate information and historical research into the true Holy Grail families and the bloodline that later came to be called the Merovingian Vine. The author goes a great deal deeper in his presentation of Heraldic Symbology in relation to the Holy Grail Families. Pau, France, figures prominantly in this book as does Henry IV de Pau de Bourbon de Navarre whom himself lived in a ancestral Chalet still standing today named Chateau de Pau which is also featured in this book.

About the Author

The author, David DePaul, was first knighted in 1977. He later ascended to Grand Master of the Ancient Gnostic Order of Knights of The Temple of Solomon. This was in the year 2003. He has served in the capacity of Prince Regent of the French Gnostic Traditional branch of the Order of the Temple for a great many years both in person and online. In David’s personal Quest for knowledge and understanding, he has researched extensively to connect historical people and families with the Templar and Hospitaller current of esoteric gnosis. With his keen knowledge of Heraldic Symbology and Occult Symbology, his path has led him to spiritual Illumination. The true Holy Grail resides within as well as without. Who does the Grail serve? It serves us all.