From Hell to Haven; Darkness to Light; Negativity to Positivity; and from Cradle to Salvation, Life Journey

by Okuon Cham



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/13/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 76
ISBN : 9781514460269

About the Book

From Hell to Haven; Darkness to light; Negativity to Positivity; and from Cradle to Salvation, Life Journey is principally my life journey from South Sudan to Kenya and ultimately to the United States, where I was able to go to college and, in the process, was enlightened and brought into union with God. In other words, it’s the journey from that sense of being lost in spirit as a result of the initial separation from God in the garden, so to speak, two thousand years ago. After many years of having been dead in the spirit and doing what the dead in spirit do, which is being in the state of drunkenness most of the time or venturing in the ways of fools, I found God within who helped me understand what life is all about. Many years ago in South Sudan, I never would have imagined that this divine revelation would ever happen to me. I never knew that when I would come to the United States, God would show himself to me and change my life and bestow me with the gift of the Holy Spirit. I never knew even coming to the United States, let alone the revelation of himself to me. Finally, his love for us—his love for us is ever lasting and enduring. God’s love for us is inseparable. He loves us more, and he wants us to love each other in return. Love being the final stage in life, God wants to teach us to love one another just like he loved us and freed us from the grip of sins and death and bathed us with his love. This is the love of God for me. The manifestation of his love is the basis for this book.

About the Author

Originally from South Sudan, Okuon Cham arrived in Houston, Texas, from Nairobi, Kenya, in May of 2009. Okuon was born in a little village in South Sudan and, when he was a teenager, had to go to Kenya in search of opportunities (school) and ended up here in the United States of America. Okuon did live in a refugee camp in Kakuma, Northern Kenya, before going to Nairobi, where he enrolled in a boarding school, awaiting his coming to the United States, made possible by the Catholic charity agency based in Nairobi, Kenya. Okuon Cham stayed in Houston for seven months in the Catholic charity program upon his arrival and then decided to move to Minnesota in 2010, where he could see some familiar faces, he thought, but instead his life became miserable and went spiraling down, and he had to come back to Houston, where he was lifted up by the invisible power. In other words, Okuon’s master and teacher arrived in Houston upon his return from Minnesota. He got born again in Houston in June of 2015, and for him, it has been an amazing journey ever since.