Antithetic Quest

by Karena Punj



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/22/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 84
ISBN : 9781543409222
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 84
ISBN : 9781543409215

About the Book

The title of the book means a contrast in life based on the mixed genre. It portrays a little about hatred, anger, pain, love, and happiness. The main idea of writing this is to let people understand what one’s emotion can be and the pain one can feel. Life does not focus on just one thing; it is a wide range that you have to keep your eyes on. One day you’re happy, and the next you may find yourself crying a river. Every emotion that you can think of is being written in this book. This book tells you clearly almost every stage in life. It could even be said that you will understand deeper the life of a different person from these writings. No one would expect a girl to start writing poetry at such a young age. After a certain period, the author decided to write a book, which came up to the sixth book. Every book has its own specialty, and this is the very first book that is going to be introduced to the world. This book is suitable for all ages and genders. Do not think twice before getting this book. It will be the right choice you’ll ever make. This book will be an eye-opener to see the world in a different aspect, and it may even change your next feeling.

About the Author

Karena Punj was born in Malaysia, currently pursuing her Diploma in Arts at Monash College, in Melbourne. She started writing at the age of 13. She described almost every daily event in her life. At 18, she’s now finally able to publish her first book. She may be only 18 and may not live for 30 or 50 years but she’s went through a lot in life already. Her first poetry book, the Antithetic Quest, has intentions to improve the world. She is no ordinary girl. As you can see, her writings mostly based on true emotions. She expresses her feelings of anger, hatred and even love towards the things out there. This book is her gift to the public. You may pass by her but you can’t manage to pass by her book on the shelf, without buying. Not everyone has gone through similar emotion, pain or breakdown, but read it and you’ll understand her life. Everybody has their own way to portray emotions but not everyone is able to write them down in detail. It took lots of courage for her to decide that it was time for the world to read her writings. She’s prepared for the world to understand her better, to get to know her before judging. This book tells you the kind of a girl she is and she was. So, take your time, read it with full of emotion. You may feel the same pain and hurtfulness at every edge of a word.