The Moonians

Conquering Earth by Enslaving Humans

by Irfan A. Karowalia



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/28/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 192
ISBN : 9781796000689
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 192
ISBN : 9781796000696
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 192
ISBN : 9781796000672

About the Book

Fast-forward to the year 2050, to a world that’s forgotten the true meaning of conflict. War is an alien concept. Little do they know, things are about to change and alien is the operative word. A contrived peace reigns in this age of space, an existence that would be unrecognisable to predecessors just decades before. Be prepared to hold onto your seat as this futuristic thriller hurtles through space at a speed faster than light. There is brave Lieutenant John who questions his role in this state of unnatural peace and calm. He expresses his unease at getting paid for passing time “in useless exercises.” General Edward admires his lieutenant’s outspoken attitude. He reminds him that it is all about “fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” Secretly, he understands where Lieutenant John is coming from and, like him, wonders what their role in this oddly tranquil existence is. They won’t have to wonder for long. There’s trouble brewing, and it’s beyond stratospheric. Little do the general and his right-hand man know that humankind and Earth are about to experience a threat unparalleled in the history of its existence. The peace is about to be broken, and it’s without an arrow or missile being launched or even a single bullet being fired. It’s a war no one could ever imagine. In this scenario of global peace, there’s another development that has left the world vulnerable—every disease has been eradicated—and the medical profession is fast becoming defunct. Technology is king—bees are equipped with microscopic trackers; there’s a research station on Mars, and most households own aeroplanes. There is little or no place for doctors in this space age. Someone is watching out there. Watching for the right moment to strike in the most unexpected way. Waiting for Earth to be well and truly lulled into a sense of false security. This alien invasion has a three-staged master plan: firstly by enslaving humans by hacking into their subconscious; secondly, to deprive Earth of all its natural resources by injecting Earth with giant leeches; and lastly, to abduct the entire human population and take them to their planet to either sell them as slaves or make them work as labour at their interplanetary construction project. At the helm is the sinister Allana, supreme lord of the Moonians. Their weapon of choice is biowarfare, so futuristic it seems that there’s no hope for humankind. Lord Allana’s plans to fight dirty by disabling the human subconscious by infecting their victims with a nano-virus transferred by nano-android mosquitoes. The plan is to enslave most of humankind, turning them into vessels little more than humanoids controlled by their Moonian masters. Caught unawares, the alien’s intentions seem to be going as planned as unsuspecting humans go down like flies. As if this isn’t enough, when humans are asleep, their leeches get hyperactive, which are deployed throughout the world, and begin working underground. These leeches have been programmed to drill down beneath the earth’s surface to harvest all the planet’s minerals and precious metals and go into hibernation upon being full, to be picked up by mother ships at nighttime. The plot twists and turns at an exhilarating rate, leaving you wondering what’s on the next page. Right up to the last chapter, you’ll be in the dark as to how it will all end. Ultimately, it is a work about coming together and breaking through borders of all countries of the world for humankind to stand up as one and fight against a common enemy instead of against one another.

About the Author

Irfan A. Karowalia is a passionate sci-fi writer and illustrator. He started working on ideas which has occurred to him over the past few years. He loved reading science books, watching science documentaries, exploring about the matters in the universe, humans & other life forms, where they came from and is always curious as to who created everything, why and how is everything created in the first place, and if there is a creator how can we interpret him. He has a very curious, creative and very good observer and can’t stop himself trying to find the purpose of existence of it all. He has so far wrote five novels The Galaxiville: Taken by the Unknown, The Elemental Empires: Arrogance of the Steelon, War of Earth’s Dimensions: Ruling the Light & Dark Worlds, God’s Headquarter: How Is Everything Created?, God’s Headquarter: Alien Park and The Moonians: Conquering Earth by Enslaving Humans.