by Stephanie Puttbrese



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Language : English
Publication Date : 11/14/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 344
ISBN : 9781796071603
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 344
ISBN : 9781796071597

About the Book

In You, There Is A Way! A Purpose! A Mission! A Soul Mission! But You Must Head The Call! Sooo, I Will Ask?.... Are You Ready To Heed The Call, And Follow The Call To Your Soul, To Find What You KNew Was There All Along....The Life Of Your DREAMS, Waiting To Be WROTE DOWN And EXPRESSED.... Do You Hear It, Do You Hear The Call? Down Deep In Every One Of You, If You Look, You Will Find All You Are Looking For ...... It Is The Seeker Who Finds! ^^ _ _ ^^ _ _ ^^ _ _ ^^ _ _ ^^ I Am Here To Make Sure You Heed The Call, Become/Stay The Seeker & Hero Of Your Own Life! I Am Stephanie And I Am The AUTHOR Of BOOK “WITH DREAMS ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!” And The BOOK “WITH GOD ALL THING ARE POSSIBLE!” :) :) :) :) Together These Books Are ((((ONE))))!!!! These Books Are The Ying And Yang Of What It Has Meant For Me To “Dream& Manifest” -And Together Have Given Me The Balance Of The Push And Pull Of What It has Meant To Dream, Manifest, Write, And Wittness This Life Of A Dream.......To Be Such A Dreamer As I Have--To Beable To Say This Has All TRULY Been “WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF!” I Am Here To Help “YOUR DREAMS” Come To Life, Because Inside Everyone Of You Is The Answer, And The Life You Are Looking For..... THE DREAMER WAITING TO BE LET OUT, TO PLAY! :) :) :) :) Sooo, Let That Dreamer Out! :) :) :) :) This Book “WITH DREAMS ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE” Is Dedicated To Helping You Learn Tools And Guides To Self Discovery, Self Overturn, Self Anyalis, And Mostly Your Heard Or Unheard Parts Of You That Speak The Loudest, And Manifest The Most! Down Deep You Have The Anwers And Guide To Your Greatest Self! What Lies Beneath Can Be What Lies Above. In Every Oveturn Of Your Minds Limitation, Heart Limitations(How Much Do You Think You Are Worth(Self Worth) Mind(Set) Mind Thinking Is ... A Step Closer To THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS... I Am Here To Show You Through My Overturns, My Set Backs, My ‘So Called’ “Limitation” (Mostly Mndframe) Have Been A Glory Of Self Discovery In Manifesting A Life Of Much Manifestation And Signs To Let Me Know We Are Our Own Captains In Awarness & Harness, And Single & Together We Can Be, And Do Great Things! :) :) :) The Truth Is: Its Hard To Get Our Brain Off Default Settings That Have Been There, Been Used, Spoken, And Believed Our Whole Lives. So Much Manifestation Is In The Overturn, And The Limiting Beliefs, And Alllll The Programs Of Half Truth Or Illusion Truths We Have Been Fed, Feed Ourselves, And Many Times The Oveturn Is The Glory; The Path, The Manifest ... To Seeing And Having Your Eyes Opened To This Life Full Of The Mystery It Holds For Us! DREAMS DO COME TRUE--- SOOOO, LETS MAKE THEM FRUITFUL!……... I AM MANIFESTING! :)

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