Theater and Diplomatic Illusions in Haiti: The United States of North America and Haiti Facing the Pact of San Jose of Costa Rica.

A Registered Letter from Dr. Jacques-Raphaël Georges to the American Ambassador, Madam Michele Sison

by Dr. Jacques-Raphaël Georges



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Language : English
Publication Date : 8/20/2020

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 112
ISBN : 9781664124929
Format : Softcover
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Page Count : 112
ISBN : 9781664124936
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ISBN : 9781664124943

About the Book

The United States is not a compilation of states, men, and circumstances. They adhere to a principle. They meet certain prerequisites. To speak on behalf of the America of Tocqueville, one must, at the very least, be its true and verified emanation. How can one represent the greatest democracy in the world without reflecting the values of the citizens who constitute it? Intellectually, this contradiction cannot be overcome! In his Recommended Letter to the American Embassy, Dr. Jacques- Raphaël Georges derailed a huge diplomatic machine that wanted to make the First Black Republic Independent of the world a “ SUB-COUNTRY” from where, from time to time, on the occasion of the carnival, the exhibition of an Indian chief dressed in a loincloth or a raid among the transvestites of the Côte- des- Arcadins, some grotesque clichés or stupid exoticism accommodates an eroticism that is no less so”. But by closing with a double turn anything that could draw attention to the crimes against the Haitian people. GENTLEMEN- ASSASSINS YOU MAY BEGIN !” Me. Gérard Georges

About the Author

Born in Port-au-Prince, Jacques-Raphaël Georges owes his primary and secondary education to the State of Haiti. Firstly, he was a pupil at L’Ecole Nationale des Casernes Dessalines, a school opened to the offsprings of the members of the Haitian armed forces. Georges began his teaching career at Centre d’Etudes d’Haïti, -where he was also a student-, as a Greek and Latin instructor while he studied at the Faculty of Ethnology before emigrating into the United States. He served in the US Navy. Honorably discharged, he attended Rhode Island College, where he obtained a B.A., a master’s in French pedagogy, and and a certificate in African and African-American studies. Thereafter, Georges crowned his accomplishments with a Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut. Doctor Georges presently teaches French and Francophone cultures at the University of New Hampshire, at Manchester. A defender of black cultures, Dr. Georges travels extensively throughout Africa, and Latin America, giving conferences on the topic.