Corona … Corona … My Darling

by Abdo Husseiny



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Language : English
Publication Date : 8/25/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 124
ISBN : 9781664126756
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 124
ISBN : 9781664126763
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 124
ISBN : 9781664126749

About the Book

Admitting to being a confirmed cynic, the author presents contemporary issues from the perspectives of an old man who has seen it all: from “a world war, regional war, coup d’états, war on organized crime, war on drugs, an endless war on terror, eliminating the threat of al-Qaeda and then ISIS, etc.” to “protection from epidemics, pandemic, including swine flu, avian flu, West Nile virus, Ebola, and different generations of the coronavirus.” Time revealed that many of the world events are associated with slogans such as globalization, world order, the world as one village, and the formation of world organizations such as the World Bank, the IMF, the WTO, and a myriad of W?Os. All those wars and trends are orchestrated by centers of power such as the Bilderberg group, the Carlyle group, the Koch brothers, and George Soros alliance. Those who created ISIS overnight launched the endless war against international terror by a fiery speech that can easily synthesize a killer virus in a few minutes. Pejorative terms are often used to discredit freethinkers who have the guts to see things as they are and develop scenarios to stop destructive trends. A case in point, describing environmentalists as tree huggers, universal healthcare advocates as radicals or socialists, and philosophers who talk about manufacturing public consent as a crazy jihadist and an anarchist. The war against dissent and historians who talk about the history of ordinary people started by burning the writings of famous historians and progressed to launching a defamation campaign against them and a war of deprivation against their livelihood. Fear of the spread of a mere revolutionary ideology, a malicious unfamiliar disease, an unpredictable terrorist attack, a fictitious enemy is enough to control the masses like herds of blind animals. It is enough warning to say “The Russians are coming,” “ISIS is moving its targets to the heart of the USA,” the “Virus is sweeping the land” to exercise control over everyone under lockdown emergencies. No one will no longer be worried about dissent or revolt. The funny thing is that you can arm them in their locked abodes without fear of them fighting to regain their freedom. At the risk of being called a conspiracy theorist, he goes beyond analytics to prescribe vaccines and treatments for the glary infectious financial and freedom maladies that will surely follow the war against the hard to see, hear, or reckon with COVID-19. The author provides perspectives on the vast evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic leading to the TRUMPVID-20 pandemic (not to be confused with a new wave of COVID-19).

About the Author

Dr. Abdo Husseiny is a nuclear engineer by profession and taught in University of Missouri-Rolla, Carnegie-Mellon University, Iowa State University, and Alexandria University. He conducted research at Los Alamos National Laboratories. He managed R&D projects in SAIC on alternative energy, desalination, and decision-making. At TII-VA, he directed and participated in a whole gamut of projects addressing engineering psychology, ergonomics, reliability, and safety. Dr. Abdo Husseiny is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and had hands-on training on operation and control of nuclear reactors at Queen Mary College, London, UK. Dr. Abdo Husseiny grew up in one of the epicenters of the swinging sixties that witnessed the counterculture and revolution in social norms. That was an unprecedented movement against fear from each other and from others who were different. It was a bold call for security and safety through social closeness and intimacy rather than through social distancing. Dr. Abdo Husseiny got caught amidst the battle for and against nuclear power generation. He witnessed the genuine fear from the unknown fueled by the fossil industry and was exposed to a multitude of conspiracy theories from the far left and the far rights. He also witnessed the containment of the progress of alternative energy by the fossil industry to put the brakes on the move away from fossil to renewable energy and stab the movement straight in the heart until pronounced dead. Now, Dr. Abdo Husseiny finds himself immersed in a new battle of wills, wherein he is targeted for eradication as part of the sixties’ generation and their remnants. At the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, war was declared on the green movement as well as on privacy, freedom, and social justice. The wealthy elite wants to establish their own socialist neo-utopia of fat cats, business tycoons, penny pinchers, and women susceptible to abuse. If you are a member of the neo-utopia, the fewer qualifications you have, the faster you will be in the inner circles. All are a mix of fossil hominids and Homo erectus. In the name of capitalism, they form dystopias to raid and enslave to multiply their illegitimate wealth. They force themselves on dystopias as physicians who have a potion for each ailment, architects who build towers, engineers who pave roads and erect bridges, economists who have the craft of stealing the mascara from the eyelashes. In general, they know better about what is good for the dystopias. As a hobby and past time, they eradicate those Homo sapiens in dystopias, who are in excess of their need.