We Need Another Voice

Taoism to Zen Buddhism

by Mosol Don S. Lee MD.



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Language : English
Publication Date : 4/11/2023

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 264
ISBN : 9781669859918
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About the Book

This is A Lone Voice from the retired medical doctor who was a faculty member. Geopolitics play a very important role. Korean historian could raise a voice against China. Westerners have not heard any other voice from the Korean scholars.

The winners write history. Generalissimo Chiang knew that Korea has been an independent country for millennia of years and raised a voice to provide Joseon as an independent country at the secret Yalta Meeting. The US didn't know Korean history and drew the western front not including the Korean peninsula. After the Korean war, the US invited Korean scholars to learn about the hermit kingdom. One of Korean historians who were educated in Japan came to the US and compiled Korean history in English within a year. He simply translated the text written by the Chinese and Japanese about Korea. His book is the eye opening for the American and sets the mainstream.

During the cultural revolution under Chairman Mao, Zhou Enlai realized that one of his compatriots could be in danger. By the time Zhou arrived in Manchuria, his friend had been killed by the Red Guards. Zhou gave an emotional speech stating that Manchuria has been the homeland of Joseon People.

Korea has a unique group of historians namely hermit historians. It started during the Mongol invasion and resurrected under the Japanese invasion. Hwandan Gogi is a text on ancient Korean history originally emerged from the Manchuria.

This is a sister copy of the author’s last one. It explored the Gojoseon diaspora who remained under the southerners. They ran away to the south. Elders went up to the eastern slope of the Himalaya Mountains and implanted the ancient faith, Taoism. It became the primitive Buddhism. As came back to the homeland, adapted ancient faith, it became Maitreyan Buddhism. As ancient History of Judaism remained in the Old Testament, Hwandan Gogi and Buddhist scriptures include ancient Korean History.

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