You and Me, Never Us

by Sneha Biswas



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/23/2023

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 68
ISBN : 9781669872573
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 68
ISBN : 9781669874713
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 68
ISBN : 9781669874720

About the Book

An occasional mysterious dream man haunts Shreya in her thoughts and in the broad light of the day. We do not know who this person is that she talks too often within herself. She is haunted by reality as much as she is haunted by this stranger of a man. Her love and lust for him have grown manifold, and she does not know how to keep away from his thoughts. She is growingly becoming hotter and more tempting to him, and there is no way he can ignore her as well. Is it all a play in her own mind, or is there really someone with voyeuristic instincts seeking her absolute submission? She is married and has been so many years with a hard-working bloke, Tapas, who seems to love her through thick and thin. However, his love is not enough to arouse her in her absolutely lonely hours. She is really very upset and mortified by this harsh man, who gives her sexual dreams and plays with her head, and thus we recognize women like her could be so vulnerable, and maybe she is also a writer in the hiding. An exceptionally gifted mother, who never finds her voice, she is aroused and also told to follow her own life path and gets many premotions to chase her dreams and career and choices in her life. She goes through many awakenings, and thus her life becomes altogether a different one after the entry of this man, who had called upon her dreams in ways that are unknown to others. She is feeling depressed. Is he the reason, or is she herself making it out to be too much? What is her dilemma? Why is she so sad? She is a mother who needs her daughter’s love and, basically in her battles with Tapas, she realizes what a flawed marriage she is living through these years. She seeks more and aims to better her life, but would it be at the cost of losing her own husband or the man in her dreams? Do we find out? Her therapist, who she goes to for consultation, has decided after many sittings to put her on medication for concocting realities that she cannot come out of. She is clearly depressed and has had no friends, much to her disgrace, although she thinks she is happier without all. She is constantly seeing someone in her mind’s eye, and she is troubled by him and his thoughts. She is even mumbling words to him and he is doing the same to her.

About the Author

Let me introduce her by saying that she is a brooder and a lustful wanderer at heart. She has a quest for the unknown and finds pleasure in traveling to different countries’ parts. She is a connoisseur of good food and art. She has a knack for solving life’s problems and feels high from the little discoveries she makes in her head. She was born and raised on Indian soil and lives in Seattle with her two daughters and her husband. She has seen and lived the American life for the past seven years. However, she remains a humble Indian at heart. She likes the rain but not so much the rainy weather. She often turns to writing on days depression takes the better of her and sees herself getting ruined in it. Her first work was a collection of poems namely, In the Gossamer of Imagination. It was published almost a few years back, in the year 2018, and sold many copies, mostly bought by her inner social circle she likes to sit and dine with. It is for them a precious piece of her work that she has written down in the form of a collectible. Needless to say, a keepsake that transcends every dimension that denies all the facades of time and space, and traveling into another era of broken minds and hearts is her next story that makes women fall apart. Through her next work, You and Me, Never Us, she has given more sexual dreams than one can take. Your underwear might well get wet. It gives you mysteries of the mind and slays the devil inside. It is a pleasure-seeking book with anecdotes of love and life and light and self-realizations in daily life. It is an accomplishment of a mother, how she becomes her own world, and a warrior that truly gains courage, might, flavor, and harmony while splitting into two in her head. This work of excellence speaks volumes about the author herself who is excellent in prose writing, almost tragic in many ways. It is this author that will stir you and make you believe there is more than what meets the eye in her beautifully lyrical writing. Sneha Biswas’s best work thus which needs to be read with a better pair of eyes. She implores everyone to check on others for depression in marriages as it can be life-threatening and affect mental life and health. Good and bad marriages exist, and this is definitely one that tells you another story, a life that has become lifeless and almost mortified. In her years as she passes through pregnancy and then motherhood, self-love becomes her greatest strength.