Expedited Package


Talk about the express lane! This economical package includes all the essential elements you need to turn your manuscript into a quality book in paperback and e-book format, in as fast as two weeks! Your book will be available in the Xlibris online bookstore.


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Post-Production Service

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Important Reminder:

  • The Expedited package ensures your softcover and ebook are professionally published and available on the Xlibris  online bookstore within two weeks of complete material submission.
  • Channel distribution follows standard timeframes, which is up to 14 business days from publication complete.
  • Books are subject to content evaluation guidelines (no hate literature, plagiarism, or copyright infringement) prior to publication complete.
  • Books that require editorial services, complex design or pre-production services such as data entry, illustrations, indexing and footnotes are not eligible for this service.


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