Christian Post Banner Ad – 5,000 Impressions

Think your book has the potential to inspire fellow believers and even those outside it? Let them know about your book through a targeted ad campaign. We’ve teamed up with the Christian Post, one of the most trusted news website in the Christian world, to help you get your work in front of your audience.

Here’s how this service works:

  • We’ll create a banner ad for your book, which includes its cover image, title, a description of up to 10 words, and your name as the author.
  • We’ll put it up as a leaderboard ad on with 5,000 impressions.
  • We’ll let you choose where your ad will link to: the Xlibris online bookstore,, or your website.

About  The Christian Post

The Christian Post is one of the largest Christian publications in the world, offering up-to-date news, information, and commentaries to Christians across denominational lines. Its flagship website,, is considered the nation’s most comprehensive website for Christian news.

Christian Post Banner Ad Sample