Picture Book Revision Service

Please consult with your Author Services Representative first before ordering.

When you receive the first interior proof during the production process of your full-color book, you may come across so many errors (usually more than 100) that you feel like it’s better to submit a revised manuscript instead.

Your requested revision will be charged an initial fee. Special formatting fees will also apply for indexing, tables, etc. Please contact your Author Services Representative for a complete quote before purchasing this service.

Your revised manuscript will be reformatted into a new interior proof for you to review. You also have the option of reselecting your book’s trim size and providing revised formatting suggestions in terms of typeface, type size, image treatments, and the overall formatting style. To ensure that these new instructions will be applied, please give these requests to your Author Services Representative, or fill out an interior proof form. Otherwise, the production team will use the same formatting and styling as the first proof you received from us.

This service costs $349 per round.


The price of this service is reduced when purchased together with our resubmission service.