Xlibris Submissions Checklist

Below is a list of information and materials you'll be asked to provide during manuscript submission. Compiling the materials in advance will ensure a quick and efficient publishing process. Download a PDF version of the Submission Checklist: Full Color or Black and White.


We need your manuscript as a single, word-processing document saved as a Microsoft Word (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) file. If you have a typewritten, hard copy manuscript, please take advantage of our Data Entry Service, which is available for $2.50 per page.

Cover Text

In a separate file, submit all the text that you would like to appear on the cover. It may include:

  • A brief author biography (should not exceed 150 words)
  • A book summary (should not exceed 150 words)
  • Text for inside flaps (should not exceed 300 words)


Submit all photos or illustrations that will be placed in your book as a separate file. Each file should be in the TIFF (.tif) or JPEG (.jpg) file formats, in CMYK color mode, with at least 300 dpi resolution, and in actual size for best reproduction. You may also submit printed/original images and photographs. Xlibris can scan images up to a size of 12" x 17".

You may submit the following images:

  • Cover Design - to be placed on the front cover of your book. If you don't want to include an image for the cover, we will provide you with an all-text cover design
  • Author Photo - for use on the back cover of your book. This is optional.
  • Interior Images - to be included in the manuscript. These images should not be embedded (inserted) in your manuscript. Embedded images typically have low resolution and reproduce poorly. Name the file as it will appear in your manuscript's image placement tag.

Image Placement Tags

Please indicate directly in your manuscript where the images should be placed, or which images go with what text.

Example: Text, text, text, [insert "filename" here], text, text, text

Web Text

In a separate digital file, you may supply all the text that you would like to appear with your title in our online bookstore. This includes:

  • Author biography (maximum of 150 words)
  • Book summary (maximum of 150 words)

Publishing Agreement Form
Fill out and sign the publishing contract on the last page. Please be certain to print a copy for your records.

Once you've completed the items requested, you may send them via:

Xlibris LLC
1663 Liberty Drive
Suite 200
Bloomington, IN 47403

Or email your files to submissions@xlibris.com.