Xlibris Bookstore

Once I am directed to the page titled "Bookstub Download," how do I know which e-book version to choose?

Under the versions listed on the page (Epub or PDF), there are devices listed. Once you find your device, choose the corresponding file type. Choose wisely, as you can only download one file type with each BookStub™ code.

When you save the e-book file to your computer, please take note of the file location. You must know the file location in order to read the e-book from your desktop, or to load the e-book onto another device. Please review the questions below for more information on how to work with specific devices.

Note: Just because you are downloading the e-book file to your desktop, with plans to load the e-book onto another device, it does not mean you should choose the PDF version. Choose the e-book version that your reading device supports.