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Get a credible and valuable evaluation of your book from established critics and reviewers.

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Indie Book Review Bundle

Give your book an extensive book review and a chance to be promoted in Publishers Weekly with our Indie Book Review Bundle.

Literary Gateway Bundle

With Literary Gateway, get a mix of services designed to put you at the forefront of award opportunities to help build your author brand. Find award opportunities and submit your nomination easily using the intelligent matching platform, Awards Finder, and get your book reviewed by the pros with BlueInk Reviews.

Kirkus Basic

Get your book reviewed by one of the most trusted brands in the publishing industry—Kirkus. Find out what the experts think and get your book in front of the Kirkus database with a catalog listing.

Review Duo

As you’re working on your marketing campaign, you may be curious to know what your potential readers will think of your book. One way you can find out is by going to the experts and getting your work reviewed by professional critics. Our Review Duo packages offer you reviews by two US-based critics: Pacific Book Review and US Review of Books (USRB).

The Trifecta Review

A credible review is an invaluable tool for any writer. Whether you're an author working on your second series or a novice with a first title, a review is essential to be competitive in this industry. Xlibris now offers The Trifecta Review service to cater to authors who want an unbiased critique of their work from three reputable reviewers from different sides of the publishing industry.