The Game Is To be Sold Not Told

by Gustavo Guzman



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/03/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 144
ISBN : 9781483663203

About the Book

THE GAME IS TO BE SOLD NOT TOLD is simply a way of life. You can never let anyone know what you are thinking, creating or working on. Whether is music a design or an invention! There suckas out there with no kind of "game" that will bambuzo you in a heartbeat and get you for your ideas and patten them under their names, make themselves seem like they’re the ones with all the "game", when in reality there just a bunch of shame! In this book I wanted to bring forward a bunch of game and knowledge from all walks of life! From important generals, to first lady presidents and a lot of smart individuals who have mark their names in history. From some of the greatest philosophers to some of the greatest artists all got something to say that will stimulate the mind to a different way of thinking, performing and living! I hope you all enjoy this book, The art and the reading, If not is too late you already paid for it!! THE GAME IS TO BE SOLD NOT TOLD! Gustavo Guzman 2013

About the Author

While sitting on fish roll for K-10 classification, for punishment in the Los Angeles County Jail, They the District Attorney LAPD RHD and the F.B.I all working together icahuts! They took away all my privileges, such as visits, phone calls & mail, and they try to put me in a stressful environment, for no apparent reason, probably to drive me crazy and stress me out. Well I used it to my advantage and started reading and writing and due to the 24hr lock up I started to use the time wisely, and did some drawing and writing. So one morning I drank a fat shot of coffee and my thinking cap started working, So I said to myself, I’m going to to write all this game down and publish it on a book. There might be a couple of people out there that might be interested in some game in their life. And since nothing is for free ill sale it! So here it is along with some of my drawings I been collecting for many years and some pictures ill share with you all! I’m just a lost soul whose intentions are good! I love my family and my kids hope they all enjoy it, for me life’s been a learning experience, So stay tune I will be out soon!