The Joys of Barnyard Music

Finding the Music That is in Your Heart

by Jon Garate



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 22/06/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 81
ISBN : 9781441543158

About the Book

So, what in thunder is Barnyard Music, anyway? Simply put, it is music for fun—music for amateurs—music for people who love music, but think they have no talent for singing or playing an instrument. Here comes Barnyard Music, to get you past the idea that because you think you have no talent, you cannot enjoy anything beyond listening. Within the pages of this little book, you will find at the very least, one inspiration to encourage you to go ahead and sing, or learn to play at the least, in some simple form, a musical instrument. This is not a book to teach you the mechanics of playing. It is not a book for those who wish to be rich and famous. It is not a book for those who wish to play refined, note perfect music. It is not a book about singing in perfect pitch, or even being able to carry a tune. What it is about, hopefully, is a book of inspirational stories, and Barnyard Music Theory that will encourage you to go ahead and enjoy music—your own personal, internal music—at whatever level of talent you possess. And it is my belief that anyone who can set aside any tendencies towards perfectionism, can enjoy making their own music, and just about everybody has a song inside. Hopefully you will find something in the pages of this book that will help you to set that song free.

About the Author

Jon Garate was raised in the Old West in a unique pioneer background where almost no government existed and people got along quite well. In A Party of One, he uses old time cowboy wit, wisdom and horse sense, and a lot of humor, to present simple solutions (some silly, some serious) for today=s complicated issues. Jon, being well aware of the negative nature of politics, invites you to avoid the feeling of political helplessness by taking on a less serious, yet practical view of the subject. A Party of One will encourage everyone to first, step back and take a more humorous look at their political attitudes, and secondly, step forward and get involved from a simple, down-to-earth grassroots viewpoint.