Advantages of Self-Publishing

Your book is your life's work

Your book is your life’s work. It is your story, your unique perspective on the world, your masterpiece. It took you years to write; it likely cost you blood, sweat, and tears, too. Which is why you must give utmost importance to the next step of your writer’s journey: publishing your book.

To publish your book, you can choose either the traditional or the self-publishing route. The traditional route involves working with established publishing companies. The typical process starts by submitting your manuscript to these publishing houses, waiting for a literary agent to contact you, and doing some more waiting for your book to be published.

Is the self-publishing path better? Is it much harder? While the idea of 'supported self-publishing' can be somewhat daunting and overwhelming at first, when you get to know this mode of publishing, you might find that it's actually what you need.

What's so great about this path? Here are 4 reasons to consider self-publishing:

Who am I as an author

You have creative control over your work.

It's your story. And you decide how you want to tell it. We will help you polish it so that it becomes the book of your dreams, the masterpiece that you have envisioned. We do this by offering our editing and design services. And of course, by also publishing your work into an actual book that you can hold in your hands.

Write it all down

You keep the rights to your work.

When you self-publish, you remain the sole owner of your work. Every aspect of your work that you have worked hard on is yours. You own your work —- your stories, ideas, and images. This means that you are free to pursue partnerships with publishers, agents, or filmmakers anytime. You are free to make your dreams flourish however you want.

Establish your brand voice and image

You have access to publishing experts and services.

Working with Xlibris puts you within a circle of publishing experts who will work with you in helping you become a published author. You will have your very own publishing team, complete with consultant, artist, editor, marketer, and more, depending on the Xlibris publishing package that you select. Your team will make sure that your publishing journey will be smooth-sailing.

Promote your brand

You can publish without a literary agent.

Your future as a published author isn’t in the hands of a literary agent, it’s in yours. Take out the dreaded waiting time from our publishing journey. No more staring at your phone and refreshing your email app for an update from a literary agent. No more wasting your precious time, waiting for that chance. Make that chance happen by self–publishing.

Choosing the supported self-publishing route is a no-brainer. So get to writing! Finish your story! When you do, Xlibris, the world leader in supported self-publishing, will be here ready with our services and expertise that will help you reach your goals.

We can help you become a self-published author.

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