Wisdom of the Dead


by Emmanuel



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Language :
Publication Date : 14/05/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 255
ISBN : 9781425760236

About the Book

What you are about to read is all true words from the spiritual realm. You may choose not to believe these words but I would suggest that you carefully consider the opposite. This book you are about to open is a story of a certain area or state in my life when heaven opened its gates and allowed my spirit to enter for a short time. In the process of my visit the Lord permitted me to leave with some very wonderful revelations, and has decided to allow me to share them with the world. Do not think the words of this book are to be taken lightly, for they are words that will change your life forever. So read, pay attention, and do not be satisfi ed until you have gotten all that you can get from these words. For in these words are life, as all words from the Lord are life. When you are fi nished you should then realize that you are a saved child of God and you will inherit everything that has ever existed, and that ever will. So all is yours when you come to know who you really are.

About the Author

The author of this book did not grow up as a Christian, he did not even step foot into a church until age thirty-nine. When he entered the church at age thirty-nine he did so because he had a terrible loss in his family, and it was time for him to find some answers. All his life he had the need to understand death, loss, love, and hate. He needed to basically understand life, and its eventual purpose. Daniel Gross is not a man who thinks he has all the answers, but he is a man who is searching for all the answers. He wishes to share them with the world once he finds these answers, that is the actual truths about God. He never trusted the teachings of the organized Church all his life, and now he has learned why. What appears as truth and good to man is nothing more than a fantasy which he has given its own life. Churches all over the world, especially today teach doctrines and truths which feed their flesh alone, and are not at all from God. Sure there are some biblical truths mingled in with mans falsities, but not enough to save the Word within the church, and not enough to keep the Church from coming to an end, which it has done at this time.